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Top 5 Outdoor Furniture Trends in 2022

Hi Everyone, Sitting here in the Styled Home Object showroom reflecting on the beautiful garden furniture currently on display. If there is one thing that truly hits home when looking at the…


Perfectly Styled for the Hot Days

Hi Everyone, Let’s face it, as much as we love the hot weather dressing right on a 30° day can have it’s challenges. Usually going to a business meeting, event or even…

3 Top Tips for Styling Red Pants

Hi Everyone, There is something about the colour red. A pair of red pants should really be found in every wardrobe. They are the one piece that will always make an impact.…


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The Importance of Mind Over Matter

Hi Everyone, The concept of mind over matter is so much more important than people ever give it credit. It’s especially important with so many disturbing events in the World leaving many…


Marvellous Melting Moments

Hi Everyone, Melting moments remind me of my childhood. You’ll find them in almost every cafe in New Zealand. Mostly with yellow icing in the middle but I decided to funk them…


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