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About FunkyForty

Hi! I’m Yvonne. A 40 something Kiwi, based in Zurich, Switzerland. With a love for Fashion, Travel, Shopping and Food. A great  believer that chocolate will cure almost anything!  Also the Mum of a cute teenager (dare I say it).

The purpose of the FunkyForty online magazine is to share style tips and ideas. As well as positive energy to my readers. Visiting Milan and Paris Fashion weeks each season to ensure we know the latest in hot trends.  Also visiting great locations and sharing these as inspiration of where to go for a recovery break away from every day life. Be sure to scroll down the home page to see a selection of fabulous sweet recipes.

This platform is aimed at the woman over 40 but not only. The mission is to stay young at heart by keeping up to date with latest trends. Nothing will make you older than the notion of having your style and not changing it!

Passing inspiration to others. After all, 40 something is still young!

Favourite quote: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein


If interested in working with FunkyForty please email: yvonne@funkyforty.com

    1. Hehe the sort of thing I do all the time 😉
      A good friend of mine writes under each mail: “He who sees a spelling mistake may keep it” – I love that quote xx

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