4 Most Beautiful Lakeside Resorts in Switzerland

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If you are anything like me, Spring is the time you’re just hanging out to go somewhere pretty and have a touch of early sunshine/summer.

Switzerland is the perfect place for this with its extremely pretty lakes and beautiful resorts located right by the lakeside. In addition each lakeside resort has plenty of activities for every age group. Ranging from hiking, boating, biking, more adventurous outings – depending on the location, or simply relaxing at the spa or by the lake with a good book and delicious drink at hand.

Today I’m giving you a brief insight into 4 of my favourite Swiss lakeside resorts. Some have boats available for rent, one has its own private boat garage right in your unit. Another makes you feel as though you are in a James Bond movie.

Wishing you lots of fun reading about “4 Most Beautiful Lakeside Resorts in Switzerland”.


4 Most Beautiful Lakeside Resorts in Switzerland


1. The Bürgenstock Resort

A picturesque one hour drive from Zurich will take you to the amazing Bürgenstock Resort, situated on the cliff 400 meters above the lake of Lucerne and 900 meters above sea level. Upon arrival my car door was magically opened with a smile. Our luggage  transported to a covered trolly, followed by a super friendly welcome at reception.

My first impressions walking inside was to soak in the beautiful flower arrangements. The Lakeview bar, straight ahead with it’s magnificent floor to ceiling windows offering a 180° view over the lake of Lucerne was not to be missed. Once escorted to our room the magical experience unfolded to the full…

I felt as though I was in a James Bond movie!

Find out more here.


2. Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola

Lugano is a place with very special memories for me. The first time I came here was on business pretty soon after moving to Switzerland. The company I was working for at the time put us all up here in the Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola. The hotel left a huge impression on me!

I have stayed here several times now and each visit was just as magical as the last. The hotel has a beautiful spa area and across the road it’s very own private beach club.

Read more about my last stay here.


3. Delta Park Luxury Lake Villas

There are parts of Switzerland that always make me feel as though I’m in a real live Disneyland whenever I visit. This is exactly how I would describe the whole area around Thun and Lake of Thun.

There are 3 luxury lake villas belonging to the Delta Park Vital resort. All nestled around the edge of  this secured private lagoon. This was the gorgeous view from our villa. The villa in front also belongs to Delta Park so when you book you can ask for villa 23 if you wish to have the most frontal lake view.

Each luxury villa has it’s own private boat garage and we were also given a boat or drive – an amazing weekend for sure!

Read more about our stay here. 


4. Hotel Vitznaurhof

There is something magical about the Hotel Vitznaurhof, located right on the shores of Lake Lucern. Once you have visited you will want to keep returning. I’ve decided it is because of the unpretentious friendly staff that make everyone feel ever so welcome.

The main building itself looks like something out of a fairytale so even one night away in this pretty lakeside resort will make you feel as though you have been transported into another time.

I am super excited to be hosting a Kitchen party together with the Hotel Vitznauerhof at the Sens Restaurant – otherwise known as the boat house belonging to the Hotel Vitznauerhof. We had a test run in March and everyone had so much fun, we all can’t wait for the next one to take place on 26th May 2024.

Hurry to get your tickets now before they sell out as there are limited spaces still available.

“FunkyForty Kitchenparty Sens”

For the best Sunday afternoon ever!
11.30-16.00 Uhr

Apero with exclusive champagne and sparkle followed by a delicious 3 course lunch featuring the FunkyForty “Züri Geschnetzlets” secret recipe as a main course with vegetarian option upon advance request.

Have fun in the kitchen if you want or simply relax and enjoy the fabulous lakeside setting.

Live DJ throughout the afternoon for great vibes.

CHF 125 per person

Including welcome drink/apero and menu




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  1. All of these locations look so divine. I am determined to travel back to Switzerland as soon as possible and look forward to getting away to one of these magical spots! 😍😍😍

  2. Hi dear Yvonne thank you very much for your block it is always very interesting to read your story and to see all those beautiful photos of those nice and beautiful Hotels and the Resorts thanks again

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