The Grand 4 Week Lierac Skin Challenge Conclusion

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You may have already read my initial post announcing my 4 week Lierac Skin Challenge – link here . Now it’s time to give you my honest feedback about how the 4 weeks went. Read on to find out what my skin feels like, comments I have had from others, a secret tip and the overall conclusion!

The Grand 4 Week Lierac Skin Challenge Conclusion

The Grand 4 Week Lierac Conclusion

As we age our skin changes too so it is quite possible that the products we’ve been using, in particular before menopause may not be the right ones for our skin afterwards. Most likely at the very least the product range will need to be adjusted.

I wasn’t expecting major skin enhancements within 4 weeks. However have been pleasently surprised by a couple of friends and even my husband saying they think my skin looks better. To me it feels smoother and I think the pores are a little smaller.

DSC_8508 2

I started by using the  above Mésolift products. My opinion is they are great for winter months. The slight orange tinge of the cream gave my skin a nice glow. Read more about the active ingredients here.

DSC_7232 2

Then after two weeks I moved on to testing the Hydragenist range. This is the most wonderful smelling skin care range ever. Not too much but just enough to lift your spirits and give you a wonderful feeling each time I used it.

The Hydragenist range – as the name suggests concentrates on giving hydration to the skin and is enriched with apricot butter. The range also contains a balm for extremely dry skin – this can be used either as a cream or a mask.

Secret Tip


You got it – it’s a lip re-plumping balm. While hands and necks are famous for showing signs of age first – did you know that one of the main areas that give away your age are the lips and lines around them! Time to look after your lips ladies!!!


Will I continue using Lierac?

The answer is YES. I love the impact it has on my skin and in addition it has a very fair price.

My preferred skin care these days is a combination of the Mésolift serum and the Hydragenist moisturizing cream. Thank you Lierac for giving me the opportunity to get to know your wonderful skin care products!

My dear fellow bloggers; Cinzia from Flying Housewives and Elisabeth from Best Years will also be publishing conclusion posts to our 4 week Lierac skin challenge so make sure to visit their blogs and see what they have to say.

5 Simple Steps:

Prevention is always better than the cure and here are 5 simple steps guaranteed to slow down ageing of your skin:

  1. Cleaning the face properly is most important of all.
  2. Wearing sun protection every day.
  3. Always using a lip cream under lipstick.
  4. Drinking plenty of water, exercise regularly and get enough sleep.
  5. Go easy on the eye cream – the skin under the eyes is very sensitive and you don’t want to drag it down with heavy cream.



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  1. Ciau Yvonne – so glad to do the Skin Challenge together with you and Cinzia. Great article and a you know, I love your pics. See you soon. Elisabeth – Bestyears

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