Prepare Your Skin for Spring!

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What was the most recent “brave” thing you did? You are probably going to roll over laughing when I tell you, that for me it was agreeing to do a  skin care challenge which involved having a skin analysis done first by one of Zurich’s top dermatologists.

Growing up in New Zealand and spending every spare minute at the beach I knew my skin was going to get a bad rating compared to others living in Europe. However learning so much about how the skin works and the options we have available  today made me feel heaps better. I am now totally excited about my one month skin care challenge with Lierac and want to share some of my newly gained knowledge with you.

Prepare Your Skin for Spring!


Lets start with findings from our visit with Dr Liv Kraemer –


We all had to put our faces into a special machine which then analysed our skin according to various categories.


It was super interesting to see the results – and a relief to learn that like regular sports, it’s never too late to start doing sports for your skin.


Eek – here’s the analysis…I’m OK on the wrinkle front but all else is in serious need of some TLC.


A lovely slide DR Liv  shared with me showing everything that has an impact on our skin:

Lirac_englisch Some slides1.002

5 Interesting facts:

1. Up to the age of 20 our skin works hard each day generating new cells and getting rid of the old. After this however things slow down and each year more old skin cells remain.  If the skin turnover slows down it might end into white skin cancer!

2. The sun is one of the most damaging things there is for our skin. Twin studies have been done where one twin lives in the country and other in the city. The twin living in the country had many more wrinkles. This however does not mean we city girls can relax – according to Dr Liv we should be wearing sun screen on our face every day!

3. Many of us suffer from Rosacea – this can be treated quite simply with a suitable dosage of Zinc – you need to speak to your doctor about the appropriate dosage for you.

4. Did you know that all antiaging skin care products are based off acne medications. Acne medications work by reducing oil production, speeding up skin cell turnover and fighting bacteria. This is also what antiaging products do.

5. Good skin care is like performing sport for the skin. A good face cream for your face can be compared to having a nicely ironed table cloth for your table!


My Skin Challenge with Lierac


Lierac was founded in 1975 by a cosmetic physician. The first product was exclusively made from plant extracts such as, Alchemilla, Ivy and Horsetail. They quickly became the best French dermo-cosmetic brand specialising in skin anti-aging and other skin disorders.

Here you see the products which have been chosen for my 4 week skin challenge with Lierac. Based on the skin analysis done we decided I should try two different lines – each for two weeks.

DSC_8508 2


I decided to start with the Mésolift  range.

The serum has a 15% anti-fatigue complex with 5 vitamins, 6 minerals, Hyaluronic acid. and energising blood orange extract. It has been designed to correct signs of fatigue and give an instant boost to the skin – so far I’m super happy with it. The feeling is lovely on my dry Winter skin.

The vitamin-enriched melt-in cream has a similar base with a 5% anti-fatigue complex and smoothing citrus AHAs (here a fab post about Alpha Hydroxy Acids for anti-aging) is also lovely on the skin – normally I have the desire to reapply moisturiser several times a day in Winter but with this I apply it in the morning and feel great right up till it’s time for the night routine. Both have a slight orange tinge to them and I think this helps add a little radiant glow to the skin.

Priced at around CHF 50 each I truly consider them to be good value for money.

I’m doing this 4 week challenge with 2 other Swiss bloggers; Cinzia from Flying Housewives and Elisabeth from Best Years. As we have different skin types we’re testing different Lierac products. I’m super excited about reading their posts too and finding out what they think of their products.

On the whole I’m hugely impressed with Lierac as a company – I love the fact that they didn’t just ask us to test their products but really made certain we met with an independent dermatologist first. Thank you so much for choosing me to take part in this challenge!

Stay tuned as i’ll periodically keep you updated on the other products i’m testing and remember it’s never to late to “Prepare Your Skin for Spring”!



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  1. Interesting to read this post (and I revisited your earlier one, where you had the skin assessment). Lierac sounds interesting, hadn’t heard of them and will see if the products are easy to find in the UK. It can be a bit daunting to explore a whole range if you’re not able to discuss it with an expert first.


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