Successful Spring Shopping Tips for Every Shape

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Spring collections are looking wonderfully colourful – but will they suit you? The good news is that this Spring there really are some fabulous trends for every body shape.

This week there was a lovely personal styling event with Melanie Albisser at Modissa in Zurich. She gave us all some great tips about things to buy to suit each body shape as well as the wearable fashion trends that we should be buying now.

The events held at Modissa are a lovely way to meet other like minded women, enjoy a glass of prosecco  and learn new fashion tips and tricks – see end of post for future event dates. Of course last not least the lovely Rituals goodie bag was also a nice surprise.


Successful Spring Shopping Tips for Every Shape

1. Stripes – for every shape!

Most likely you knew that vertical strips are slimming and horizontal stripes less so but did you know that diagonal patterns are also very slimming?

The following is an example of a top that can really be worn well by any body shape.



2. High waist perfect for shorter legs!

High waisted trousers always give the impression of extending the leg. My personal trick is to wear long high waisted trousers combined with heels that are hidden by the trouser leg – it’s a great trick you should try 😉

3. Oversized trend!

The oversized look is a huge trend this Spring – but you need to be careful that it really does look oversized. If it’s meant to be oversized but fits like a glove then it really is a no-go this Spring!

4. Trouser cuts!

You should look at the back of the trouser to see if it is really high cut or not. The length at the back from crutch to waistband will tell you the truth. If you only look at the front of the trouser you may be mislead by the length of the zip which doesn’t always correspond to the real trouser cut.

Lower cuts are great for smaller people and higher fabulous for larger sizes.

5. Colours!

Darker colours reflect less light therefore giving the appearance of slimness. Navy blue is a great option this Spring. If wearing a bold neon type colour make sure it’s tailored at the waist to slim the look down. White will appear voluminous. Wear your trendy baggy white shirt with slim dark trousers to slim the look down again.


Trends Melanie recommends we buy now:
  • Blue in every shade
  • Neon colours
  • Stripes
  • Denim – especially longer a-frame denim skirts
  • Camel lightweight long trench coat
  • Anything off the shoulders
  • Items with a frill feature

In any case she recommends we picture each item we buy worn in a few different situations such as casual and work. This way you’ll be sure to get the most out of your purchase.

Small gallery


Events coming up:

8th March from 6:30pm – International Woman’s Day party

Register here

13th March from 6:30pm – Next Styling Event with Melanie Albisser

Register online or simply send me an email to (this way you’ll be on my list for events all round)


Thanks to Modissa for the lovely event, Melanie for your Styling tips and Rituals for the lovely surprise!

My favourite Spring dress available at Modissa, Zurich.


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Wishing you all a fabulous day!


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  1. That spring dress you bought with the red boots (fab combination) looks so good on you. And I hate to say this but it looks better on you than on the woman in the collage with the black boots. There is such a difference. But that woman looked fab in the lip top with the blue A-line skirt. Hope she bought that.

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