You will Never Guess What I am Wearing!

Hi Everyone,

Todays post is all about getting inspiration from an existing wardrobe. Carrying out a little experiment of my own. Largely using existing wardrobe favourites and then adding one little detail which I have found to be one of the most useful wardrobe add-ons yet!

Curious? Keep reading to find out more. Remember you will never guess what I am wearing today!


You will never guess what I am wearing!

You will never guess what I am wearing!

Deciding to go for a blue and grey theme today. Two colours I really love teaming together, especially on those day’s when trying to escape black. The jacket is a woollen piece from a favourite NZ designer, Andrea Moore.

If you’ve been reading for awhile now you’ll know that I love wearing Summer in Winter. The dress is a little sleeveless number picked up on a visit to Salzburg last year.

The hidden piece to this outfit is the detachable sleeves added to give it all a much more dressed up look. Having recently discovered Canopi sleeves I’ve been having great fun creating new outfits from sleeveless numbers. See here for another example.

The sweater is simply one of my wardrobe staples and the boots were found years ago in a tiny shop in Paris. A hard core fashionista would be getting rid of wedge heels this season but I like them so much and the fit is great so am going to have to grin and bear this slight fashion hiccup! Alternatively do let me know if you think it’s time to move on and get block heeled grey boots instead – smile!

You will never guess what I am wearing!

Am really in love with these sleeves. Obviously a windy weekend so the hair decided to do whatever it wanted – including cover my face!

You will never guess what I am wearing!

Just trying to show off my new sleeves.

Would you have guessed what I am wearing?

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Wishing you all fun with your existing wardrobe!


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  1. Fabulous 🌟🌟🌟
    Keep the wedges…they are super stylish…I follow trends to a degree but prefer to be my own trailblazer 💙✨✨

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