Salzburg – 7 Essential Travel Tips!


Currently on the train travelling back to Zurich from fabulous Salzburg –  mourning the abundance of wonderful real Salzburger Mozart chocolates – more about these later in this post!

In any case Salzburg is one city that should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list and here are 7 essential travel tips for anyone planning to visit – some even local secrets!!!


Salzburg – 7 Essential Travel Tips!

1. How to get there.

If coming from further away of course flying is the best option but from Zurich there is the wonderful Rail Jet train which even has a Business class option – one class higher than First class!  Lovely and quiet with seats so plush and relaxing you can easily sleep in them or work the entire way. There’s even free Wifi once you reach Austria!

Make sure you select a direct train that takes you all the way to Salzburg and one which takes only 5:24 hours.

To reserve tickets:




2. Where to Stay:

The most adorable place to stay is right in the middle of Salzburg within the pedestrian only area. This way you are a few minutes walking distance from all of the world famous attractions, restaurants and fabulous shopping (a separate shopping post with map will be published shortly).

Personal favourite hotel is the City Hotel Goldgasse. The building dates back to 1573 Recently renovated with each room having it’s own charm, even single rooms have wonderful double beds. Belonging to the Small Luxury Hotels of the World the rates are very fair starting at Euro 115 in low season.


The welcome package consisting of a cute map/guide in one, sweets for en-route and lovely tea to take home. The following gives you an insight into some of the lovely rooms.


dsc_2727This was my single room – so very generous!



dsc_2851Each room has it’s own “nespresso” coffee maker as well as kettle with selection of fine loose leaf tea to choose from – my favourite being the strawberry mint tea!



3. Where to eat

Of course Salzburg has it’s own cafe culture – it is said the years 1880 – 1914 were the golden times of cafes. Men frequented them daily to read newspapers, catch up on local gossip and do business. Originally women were not allowed – to keep them away it was said that too much coffee would turn their fingers black! However Elisa Tomaselli organised a woman’s salon once a week.

The Tomaselli cafe is the oldest in Austria and a definite must visit!



dsc_2542Stay seated long enough and trays of wonderful pastries will pass your way – after the third time you won’t be able to say no to their apple strudel I promise!


The Goldgasse Hotel has a wonderful traditional Austrian restaurant on the ground floor with the finest of food set in lovely rustic surroundings – I had to settle for dessert, having previously eaten too much at the Christmas market but ended up sharing food with a  lovely American couple I met that evening and each dish was superbly divine!

Note the photo was taken in the morning – at night there is of course a more romantic atmosphere!


The locals like to meet up at “Die Geheime Specerey” or the Secret Eatery – more information here.





4. What you Must Eat!

Going to Salzburg and not trying their famous Salzbuger Nockerl would be like committing a crime!

Of course you can have this in most restaurants but my personal favourite was at the Salzachgrill in Hotel Sacher.




5. Original Salzburger Mozartkugel

Ever since the last time I was in Salzburg (at the age of 16), I have been dreaming of the real Salzburger Mozart Kugel. I remembered they were wrapped in silver paper and melted in your mouth!

Note there is only ONE original Salzburger Mozartkugel.

In 1890 Salzburg confectioner PAUL FÜRST created the “Original Salzburger Mozartkugel”

All others will be called “Echt”, meaning real, or have some other similar description but if you really want the original Salzburger Mozart Kugel it will only be found in Cafe Fürst!




I am now going to confess to having spent a large portion of my time in Salzburg tasting almost every Mozartkugel I could lay my eyes on – provided it was wrapped in silver paper – smile!


6. The Salzburg Card

The absolute best value for money ever, giving you free access to the world famous sights, museum as well as transport and a number of other tour activities. Starting at only Euro 24 for a 24 hour card.

Book your Salzburg card online here





7. A touch of Music.

It would almost be a crime to visit Salzburg and not listen to at least one concert no matter how small.

Personally I really enjoyed the Salzburg Classics Music in the Schlosskirche Mirabell – it only lasted one hour but it was an hour of such immense beauty and feeling – listening to the concert one could not help but be swept away into another world.




This is now the end of Salzburg – 7 Essential Travel tips. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and do stay tuned for a separate Salzburg Shopping Tour and Christmas Market posts to come!

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Wishing you all a fabulous day!



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