Don’t Crack Under Pressure – Geneva Motor Show 2016

Mail AttachmentAs you might guess today I was invited to the TAG Heuer press day at the Geneva Motor Show. With over 100 years of history in the world of motoring it was super interesting to hear about their next big venture with Red Bull. They are going to be the first watch company ever to have their name on a F1 racing team with their new partnership now known as “F1 Red Bull Racing Tag Heuer”.
Tag Heuer has a super cool stand featuring 5 super special sports cars (my favourite shown here),20160302_Genevea_Car_Show_0083 (1)

5 racing simulators (almost lost my hubby in one),


a miniature race circuit with electric cars, a bar open to the public, two VIP lounges and a container with the new “SamsungGear VR” presenting the history of Carrera A.  Not to mention of course a pop-up store selling the new TAG Heuer watch collection.

What a fab surprise to get to meet Patrick Dempsey as a special guest there…

Mail Attachment

3 Surprising facts you never knew about Patrick Dempsey:

1. He got his kids to read by letting them design their own Porsche car online…cool!

2. We know him as an actor but he actually started his racing career about 10 years ago.

3. Racing taught him to focus on the present and not worry about the past or future – I think many o us could benefit from following this mantra don’t you agree?

Of course no TAG Heuer press event would be complete without the charismatic presence of Jean-Claude Biver and his cheese…read more about the cheese here. I love the point he made about skiing being more dangerous than motor sports these days – so true. This year I thought they should impose speed limits on the ski slopes – can you imagine the uproar that would create!



Leaving TAG and moving on the ever increasing presence of electro-mobiles certainly hit me.

Loved this SHIWA: the car of tomorrow, today. A concept car that drives itself – guess it would have to – can you see any windows? Perhaps they apear when the engine is turned on – smile.


Then the absolute highlight of the day for an antipedean like me was casually meeting Sarah at the Porsche stand and then finding out she was Kiwi racing car driver, Brendon Hartley’s other half. Got to meet him too – fabulous!



All I can say is – the Geneva Motor Show is certainly worth a visit this year!


Have Fun if you do go!




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