The Armani Story – MFW Fall 2016

Armani MFW 2016

Each show in Milan tells a story and Armani certainly had his own special story to tell. At first it felt like entering the realms of Chanel with tweed and velvet filling up the runway.

Armani MFW 2016

Vogue talks about Armani showing how to wear velvet during the day but personally I fell in love with the evening velvet – adorned with luxurious embroidery, teamed with flamboyant see-through and lace fabrics. Off the shoulder was also a huge theme for evening wear – naked shoulders compensated with length at the bottom, a look I think would look good on most.

Armani MFW 2016


An interesting mix of women’s suits on the runway – camel and black being themes – features such as elasticated bottoms of trousers continuing. The odd black bow here and there – make sure you keep any you currently have in the wardrobe as they are hot next fall.

Armani MFW 2016

Armani MFW 2016


Armani MFW 2016

Mixing patterns – Armani showed how to do this wonderfully, keep on looking at this and decided it is the colour combination that makes this look so perfect – or is it the matching bag and shoes?

Milan Fashion Week - Armani

Soft fabrics featured heavily with the dresses – lovely long floaty attire. Pretty patterns – sort of like he’s trying to let us wear summer a little longer by creating such a colourful collection.

Armani MFW 2016

Armani MFW 2016

Then there’s the coats – brilliant feature coats! If there was one piece of the collection I could have it would be this coat. Perfect length sleeves, not to get in the way. Adorable colour feature on a black canvas – wonder if this was inspired by some artist – or is Armani himself simply the artist?Armani MFW 2016


If you’re wondering about shoes – they were mainly two toned boots with thick heels and pointy toes or flats with a huge theme of shoes matching printed fabrics.

An awesome show to watch . I sat through both sittings and found it most entertaining to watch the men polish up the runway between shows…was wondering if one of them would like to clean my floors – smile.

IMG_1828 (1)Brilliant show …unfortunately it didn’t end with the traditional finale parade – so a little like an unfinished story…will we get that again next season perhaps?


All photos taken by FunkyForty (me).

Stay tuned for more Fashion Week News to come and have a terrific Tuesday!



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