TAG Heuer Connected – the Unbiased Review!

DSC_0038_FotorEver so excited with my new try-out watch the first thing that happens as I step in the door is my hubby decides this is going to be his responsibility – after all he’s the “techy” one of the family not me – sniff – I relent!

Before going into too much detail I have to admit we are “Apple-aholics” (if such a word exists), and so were unable to test many of the app features that would otherwise be available.

 Now for a point by point review:

  • Just looking at the photo you’ve got to admit it looks pretty cool for a smart watch. Beautifully made as well  – so it won all points from a design perspective.
  • The case is made out of titanium so even though it looks bulky the watch is actually super light.
  • Saphire glass serves as the touch screen.
  • Super comfortable –  a point repeatedly mentioned in reviews of the Connected watch.
  • The watch face simulates that of a traditional luxury watch – several faces to choose from even with additional features on them such as moon phases etc. and you can change watch face colour according to what you are wearing – cool!
  • A super cool bonus is that after the 2 year warranty period , for an additional $1’500 you can buy a special edition TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic watch which will only be available to TAG Heuer Connected.ic_eternity
  • OK so of course not all was fab – there is limited iPhone compatibility – we managed to get messages to work but certainly no emails or many other features that would work with Android phones. In fact only Gmail works with this phone and that does seem a little limiting.
  • On the up side – once loading the Android Wear App on the iPhone it was very easy to connect the watch.
  • Battery life is officially stated as being 25 hours but if your watch is permanently connected the real battery life is about 18 – 20 hours.


Actions speak louder than words as it was with total reluctance that my hubby actually gave the watch back to me. Me –  I loved the look and feel of it and the fact that I could wear just one beautiful looking watch instead of a watch and some other step counter. Think I would go for the red strap though – smile!

Read the official TAG Heuer write up here.


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