Binaural Beats – the Secret to a Guaranteed Deep Sleep Without Medication

Binaural Beats - the Secret to a Guaranteed Deep Sleep Without Medication

Hi Everyone,

Several years ago I went through a difficult time, loosing 2 people very close to me. It was then, whilst visiting my Acupuncture therapist that I learnt a fantastic trick. The trick of binaural beats.

Next weekend (now postponed till further notice) I will be at Elite Beds in Zurich and 8 of my lovely readers will have the opportunity to try out the effect of binaural beats for 30 minutes with a special set of sterilised headphones. A guide to the music and the types of headphones to use included. Warning – you might experience 30 minutes of the best sleep you have had in awhile!

Keep reading to find out more about binaural beats – the Secret to a Guaranteed Deep Sleep Without Medication.


Binaural Beats – the Secret to a Guaranteed Deep Sleep Without Medication

Binaural Beats - the Secret to a Guaranteed Deep Sleep Without Medication

What are binaural beats?

A binaural beat is an auditory illusion. This illusion occurs when someone listens to two different pure-tone sine waves at once. One tone to each ear. At this point the person will perceive the illusion of a third tone and this tone is called a binaural beat.

History of binaural beats

Binaural beats were first discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839. However it was 134 years later when the real benefits were pointed out with the publishing of Gerald Oster’s article “Auditory beats in the brain” (Scientific American, 1973).

Benefits of sleeping with binaural beats:
  1. Boosts quality and quantity of sleep – similar to when we were children and our parents sang us lullabies to sleep.
  2. Helps you relax – these beats most closely match our resting heart and are therefore soothing on a biological level.
  3. You will fall asleep faster – listening to background tunes will take your mind away from the million thoughts running through it. A good way to escape your worries.
  4. They trigger feel good chemicals -it’s the perfect way to naturally boost your serotonin levels naturally. People suffering from depression tend to be deficient in serotonin.


Today’s post is short. The event is currently on hold. However we do plan to have 8 sets of special headphones available at Elite Beds in Zurich so everyone gets their own sterilised headphones to try out.

In these difficult times with so much uncertainty around the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and what will happen next sleeping is not that easy. At least a lovely deep peaceful sleep – so essential to our wellbeing.

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This post has been written in collaboration with Elite beds, a Swiss bed company. Celebrating 125 years of excellency in beds, box-springs and mattresses specially developed and handcrafted following artisanal methods in the purest respect of tradition.

Pioneers in Switzerland: the manufacture of their mattresses is certified by the European Ecolabel. Fitting in perfectly with their concept of sustainable development.


Elite Gallery

Talstrasse 72

CH – 8001 Zürich

Note any opinions remain my own.



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  1. I love your Idea and wished even that I could be able to try it out myself it sounds so nice and getting a nice and relaxing sleep without any medication

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