5 Easy Bedtime Yoga Poses for a Good Night’s Sleep

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This is a throwback to a yoga in bed evening at Elite Beds. Lovely Nora from YogaNora guided us through a perfect yoga in bed routine.

Last time we focused on a special morning routine – see here for more. So this time the focus is going to be on 5 perfect bedtime yoga poses for a good night’s sleep.

Before going further I’d like to share that I have my very own Elite mattress for 2 months now – the improvement in sleep is so much more than I seriously ever imagined. It was worth the mattress experimenting done beforehand and listening to the wise words of the experts from Elite Beds when choosing our mattress. If you’re even remotely thinking of getting a new mattress I highly recommend you visit:

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5 Easy Bedtime Yoga Poses for a Good Night’s Sleep

Before starting with the exercises let me introduce Nora from YogaNora  I originally met Nora a few years ago at a yoga lesson at the LuluLemon store in Zurich. Her beautiful calming nature instantly captured me. She really knows how to capture her students and make them feel at ease.

When we sleep well, everything seems to work better, right? If you’re like me you too lead a busy life and put relaxation far too low on the priority list. However doing these simple exercises before bed will make sure you are relaxed enough for a proper nights sleep. Making you more productive the next day ahead – sounds good doesn’t it!


1. The Hands in Anjali Mudra.

This pose is a great way to start and helps to find your centre, connect with your breath and let go of the events of the day.

Consciously think of at least 3 things you are grateful for in this moment and be with those feelings for a minute or two.


2. Marjaryasana/Bitilasana Flow (Cat / Cow)

Come on to hands and knees with the spine in neutral, shoulders over wrists and hips over knees. Move slowly  through a few rounds of Cat and Cow. Feel the movement start from the tailbone and flow up through the spine and back again in a fluid, soothing way.

You might like to close your eyes and let the breath guide the movement of the body.


3. Winding Down Twist

Sit cross-legged on the bed and exhale as you place your right hand on your left knee and left hand on the bed behind your tailbone. Gently twist your torso to the left.

Allow your gaze to follow, looking over your left shoulder. Breathe deeply, then return to center and repeat on opposite side.


4. Left Nostril Breathing (Surya Bhedana)

You can either sit up crossed-legged or lie down on your right side. Cover the right nostril with your thumb and extend the fingers out. Then take five to 10 deep breathes out of your left nostril.

This is supposed to be particularly effective to help you sleep faster.


5. Vipareet Karani

This legs up the wall pose is a wonderful way to finish this sequence, as it is the ultimate restorative pose.

These 5 simple exercises and 5 – 10 minutes spent doing them will have a bigger positive impact on your sleep and overall wellbeing than you think!


Surprising Benefits of Bed Yoga:
  1. Increases blood flow
  2. Relaxes the muscles by releasing muscle tension from the workday
  3. Takes the body out of the “fight-or -flight” stress response (De-stresses you!)
  4. Yoga poses with deep breathing and meditation help to practice mindfulness
  5. 2:1 breathing naturally slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and induces a deep state of relaxation, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep
  6. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing rids the body of toxins stored in the tissues


A huge thank you to Elite Beds for supporting this fun evening and blog post. My favourite Swiss mattress and bed company!

Elite Gallery

Talstrasse 72

CH – 8001 Zürich

Note any opinions remain my own.



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