5 Morning Yoga Poses to Do in Bed and Surprising Benefits

5 Morning Yoga Poses to Do in Bed and Surprising Benefits

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It’s always surprising where the journey of being an influencer takes you… one of last weeks highlights was a “Yoga in Bed” evening organised together with Elite beds.

Before going further I’d like to share that I have my very own Elite mattress for 3 weeks now – the improvement in sleep is so much more than I seriously ever imagined. It was worth the mattress experimenting done beforehand and listening to the wise words of Ursula from Elite Beds when choosing our mattress. If you’re even remotely thinking of getting a new mattress I highly recommend you visit Ursula here:

Elite Gallery

Talstrasse 72

CH – 8001 Zürich

Back to Yoga in Bed – we were ever so lucky to have Nora from YogaNora guide us for a 30 minute yoga in bed lesson. I had met Nora a few years ago at a yoga lesson at the LuluLemon store in Zurich. Her beautiful calming nature instantly captured me.

Keep reading to see more of the event held at Elite Beds last week as well as 5 morning Yoga poses to do in bed and surprising benefits.


5 Morning Yoga Poses to Do in Bed and Surprising Benefits

5 Morning Yoga Poses to Do in Bed and Surprising Benefits

Even if you simply do these 5 exercises  for 1 – 2 minutes each every morning you will notice a great difference to the rest of your day and long term benefits. They are super easy so even the most inflexible of us, can do them – no excuses – smile!


  1. The simple twist – hold this pose for 30 – 60 seconds on each side.

5 Morning Yoga Poses to Do in Bed and Surprising Benefits


2. The Bridge Pose


3. Lie on back with legs up

After 30 seconds or so you might like to go one step further and take hold of your feet.

5 Morning Yoga Poses to Do in Bed and Surprising Benefits


4. The Childs Pose

This ever so simple pose gives you an opportunity to focus your attention on your breathing and to stretch out your arms and shoulders, which often become tense during sleep.

If you’re Yoga level is advanced you can try the version of this pose that holds the arms up rather than stretched in front of you.


5. The Breathing /Meditation Pose

Finish your Yoga session by lying flat in a relaxed position. Clear your mind of all thoughts and concentrate on your breathing and getting to know your body.


These 5 simple exercises and 5 – 10 minutes spent doing them will have a bigger positive impact on your day than you think!


Surprising Benefits of Bed Yoga:
  1. It improves your flexibility.
  2. Even these easy exercises will build muscle strength.
  3. Protects your spine by releasing tension in the back.
  4. Alleviates anxiety, making you stronger in mind for the day ahead.
  5. Promotes regular circulation and enables you to breathe better.

5 Morning Yoga Poses to Do in Bed and Surprising Benefits

 Both Nora and I are wearing outfits from LuluLemon, who also kindly donated Yoga mats and Yoga towels for each participant – thank you so much! If in Zurich I highly recommend you check out their wonderful new Summer collection!

A huge thank you to Elite Beds for supporting this fun evening and blog post. My favourite Swiss mattress and bed company!

Elite Gallery

Talstrasse 72

CH – 8001 Zürich

Note any opinions remain my own.

Elite Beds together with FunkyForty and YogaNora will be holding another bed Yoga evening in July. If you would like to be on the guest list please send an email here.

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