Top 5 Outdoor Furniture Trends in 2022

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Sitting here in the Styled Home Object showroom reflecting on the beautiful garden furniture currently on display.

If there is one thing that truly hits home when looking at the outdoor furniture trends for 2022 it would be that this year is largely about making your outdoors a beautiful extension of your current indoor space.

Gone are the days of simply adding colourful kitsch to your outdoor furniture to make it feel like Summer. Instead it is now time to carefully select timeless long lasting pieces for your outdoor space too! One could almost see this trend as emerging from sustainability. Buying stylish timeless pieces will also last longer. No need for new outdoor accessories each year. The outdoor accessories for 2022 are meant to last.

A lot of the inspiration for todays post has come from Styled Home Objects, a store in Uitikon, Zurich which also has an online shop for many items. Alexandra, the owner of Styled Home Objects has chosen to focus largely on the brand Roda when it comes to out door furniture this season. A super interesting brand totally at the forefront when it comes to sustainability and design.

Keep reading to find out the “Top 5 Outdoor Furniture Trends in 2022”.


Top 5 Outdoor Furniture Trends in 2022

  1. Continuing your indoor aesthetic to the outdoors

As mentioned above 2022 is all about letting your outdoor area become a true extension to your home.  If you have cream and neutrals throughout your lounge, now is the time to carry them through to your outdoor space…

A selection of great outdoor textiles can be found online here.


2. Durability and quality are key

Believe it or not the sofa shown above is totally weather proof and can simply be hosed down. It looks like something you would have indoors yet has the durability of real outdoor furniture.


3. Retro designs are back

We had chairs just like this as I was growing up but ours were white. Here they are back in full swing. Other combinations of metal and woven textiles are also in full “Vogue” for 2022.


4. Timeless classics

Wood, glass and large neutral coloured pots are all timeless and at the same time the hottest trend for the outdoors in 2022.

Wooden table –  available online here

Glass vases –   available online here

Pots – call +0041 44 401 55 88 for more


5. Minimalism

Time to declutter your outdoor space and focus on making it feel larger in perspective. Focus on having a few statement pieces rather than many bits and pieces dotted all around.

Table above – call +0041 44 401 55 88 for more


For great tips on your personal outdoor space I recommend calling or visiting :

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8142 Uitikon Waldegg
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Opening Times
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Your outdoor space should reflect what makes you happy, no matter what the experts say! Personally I love the fact that this is something Alexander from Styled Home Objects will always have at the forefront of her consultations.



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