3 Trends Dictating My Summer 2020 Wardrobe

3 Trends Dictating My Summer 2020 Wardrobe

Hi Everyone,

Looking back over the years I realise that even though one might wear the same things from one year to the next, they are never quite worn in exactly the same way. I love to remember past seasons according to the things worn most or trends that dominated the wardrobe that particular season. As an example Summer 2019 was the season of monochrome for me. Starting with a bold green dress and matching trench coat in Spring. Then wearing solid pink from top to toe in the height of the season. Kitten heels ruled the day as did my white Prada cross body bag.

However enough about last year. This post is all about “3 Trends Dictating My Summer 2020 Wardrobe”. Keep reading for the full story.


3 Trends Dictating My Summer 2020 Wardrobe

3 Trends Dictating My Summer 2020 Wardrobe

1 Boho

Summer 2020 and my wardrobe has done a complete turn around from the more formal outfits of 2019. Boho has been dictating a lot of my daily outfits. In fact my wardrobe has never had so many Boho dresses in it …is it an addiction?

I love the floaty yet feminine feel to them. Plus the added fact that many have sleeves so they can be worn on slightly cooler Summer days too.

3 Trends Dictating My Summer 2020 Wardrobe

Dress currently in store at Caroll, Schifflände 26, 8001 Zürich. Or available online here.


3 Trends Dictating My Summer 2020 Wardrobe

2. The crossover straw bag

This one was bought on vacation in Spain 2 years ago and has never been worn as much as I am wearing it this season. Possibly because it goes so well with the general Boho theme.

I also really love a velvet Boho style bag  from Rejane Rosenberger, currently available online here.


3. Slides

I’m seriously collecting them this year. Love the Ancient Greek sandals above as they seem to go with almost all of my wardrobe.

Currently available on sale here.

3 Trends Dictating My Summer 2020 Wardrobe

Which trends are dictating your Summer 2020 wardrobe? I’d love to know…


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  1. Very nice I love your Dress and I also love your Bags and sandals it all looks very beautiful and right for the summer

  2. I have banned boho from my wardrobe. Boho/Ibiza style …it is just not me.
    Sandals like you have I could do with, especially around the house and I have none.
    And even though I am not boho myself, I do appreciate the style and your white dress. It is lovely.

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