My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

Hi Everyone,

Last week we had the hottest day of the year in Zurich. I warned my hubby well in advance that I needed to go somewhere with water to do a bathingsuit photo shoot…

This was when the discussion began. My dear photographer was not going to go anywhere where there were lots of people. Getting up at 6am to avoid the crowds in the weekend was also out of the question – ok, realistically I think many of you can sympathise with that statement – smile! My mind completely filled with beautiful photos of Capri Italy, left me stumped for suggestions. Then the solution came as hubby said he would drive me to Andermatt and we could hike up to a hidden pond he knows of. Given that he never hikes anywhere with me and a hidden anything sparks my interest, I got totally excited and had been looking forward to this moment all week!

Saturday morning came. Smeltering heat already at 10am in Zurich as I was watering the plants outside. The perfect day for a bathing suit photo shoot! After a leisurely breakfast off we went. About half way there Murphy’s law struck… grey clouds and rain. Hello!!!! In Zurich it was still piping hot and sunny and we were driving to a special place for my photo shoot! Something was wrong here… Kudos to me – I feel – I kept my calm and cheerful self and continuously said that it will stop raining once we want to take pictures.

Arrival at Andermatt

Finally arriving at the spot from where our hike was to begin. Hubby gets out of the car, gusts of wind all around and thunder cracking off in the distance. “I don’t think you want to do this” he says. With great determination and a slight shiver (temperatures were just under 20° at this point and I was wearing a sleeveless top), I stepped out of the car and stated it will be fine lets go!

I seriously had to laugh once our hike began and I realised we were not even following a hiking path. Nope, far too easy, off straight up through the foliage we went. My main concerns (seriously) was about the possibility of standing on a snake and the fact that neither of us had taken any chocolate with us in case of an emergency. Not to worry, wearing a Prada hat and carrying a dainty straw basket I was of course perfectly dressed for a mountain hike – sensible clothing and backpacks being far too overrated if you ask me – smile!

My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

After an energetic hike up and around a few corners, we finally arrived at the “hidden pond”. Not another person in sight. My heart melted, especially as the sun pleasantly came forth again, just as I had instructed it to.

So the photoshoot could begin, the only intruder being a huge frog sunbathing on the side of the pond. I was seriously thankful at already having my Prince by my side and not having to kiss this huge green slimy thing!

Keep scrolling for the pictures resulting from my funniest fashion photoshoot story yet!


My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

Flowers especially picked by hubby for me…

My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

More about my Frederique Constant activity watch seen above here.

My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

My Funniest Fashion Photoshoot Story Yet!

Not waving, this is me loosing my balance and trying to stay composed in one…

Finishing the day in a mountain hut with soft drinks and their homemade apple pie. All in all one of my most perfect days this year!


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  1. I love your little story and the Bathingsuits are really beautiful like the surrounding and everything which go with it very nice I am glad you had your Prinz with you and did not have to kiss the Frog ha ha haH

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