Two Trends and Sharing views with Lady Gaga!

Two trends now ingrained in my mind since visiting Milan on Monday:

1) Brown hair is in! – by the time I left Milan I was seriously considering dying my hair back to it’s natural brown colour – have hit some resistance to this idea from my hubby but am still toying with the idea;-)

Then going through Vogue this morning I came across this article about Lady Gaga where she actually does dye her hair before attending one of the shows in Paris last week – love it – does this mean I am sharing views with Lady Gaga? (pictures taken from Vogue).

2) It’s all about the sunglasses – bold and pointed at the ends! So this week in Zurich I came across the following most fab pair of sunnies by Dita:

home-hero_2 IMG_4092

As a rule of thumb dark hair – tortoise frames, light hair – black frames.

So now I wish you all a fabulous International Women’s Day and stay tuned for more Fashion news next week!

Yvonne x

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