Top 10 Bag Trends for Spring 2018

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One thing is for certain. The fashion world has not yet had enough of monogram, in fact the trend has only just begun to reinvent itself yet again. MaxMara brought out a wonderful monogram collection this season but they weren’t the only ones.

Fortunately it is not all about monogram, the word “cute” springs to mind for several bag trends. Matching bags and shoes are back on trend. The belt bag has been reinvented. Designers have gone all out with a few fabulous examples this season. Prada raising high on the best belt bag stakes!

Keep reading to discover the top 10 bag trends for Spring 2018.


 Top 10 Bag Trends for Spring 2018

  1. Cute and pink

As previously mentioned, Spring 2018 is all about cute. Note how matching bags and shoes have come back on trend!

Not to worry if you don’t have matching coloured shoes – make up the difference with socks!

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2. The Brown Bucket Bag

The bucket bag is sure to be hot for a few seasons to come and brown is such a great goto colour – it’s probably worth investing!

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3. The Designer Belt Bag

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4. Gucci’s new Re(Belle) Bag

There’s something about this bag that makes me think we are going to see a lot more of them on the streets very soon.

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5. The Loewe Elephant Bag

We’ve been seeing it around for a few seasons now. This little elephant is only becoming more popular as time goes on.

Available here


6. The Monogram Bag

I found both a Fendi monogram bag and stand alone handle online. Who’s to say you can’t cheat and put the handle on another bag?

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7. The Round bag

The round bag is being seen more and more. Not necessarily new though – I remember buying my first one in 1989 – wow that is some time ago!!!

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8. The Straw Bag

This little Sicilian type bag spotted in Paris. The straw bag trend however branches much further than this traditional number – see under the buy now section.

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9. The Classic Tote

More to the point the classic tote in a very light colour. This seems to be one case where cream is the new black. Time to put your black tote bag to the back of your wardrobe and make space for a lovely cream or white coloured one.

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10. The bag with the Gold Ring Detail


it may seem odd that a feature like a gold ring can have so much impact, but Spring 2018 is certainly going to see a surge in bag styles using a relatively large gold ring as a feature or handle.

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Have fun revamping your bag collection today!

nb: All photos taken by myself during the Feb/March 2018 Milan and Paris fashion weeks

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  1. very nice collection and for sure there is for every one a bag which they will be buying and assembling with their clothes they are wearing for the day

  2. Some bags are out of scope for me as they are not my taste: straw (too boho for me), elephant bag (I don’t “do” animal bags), monogram bags (don’t like them, I am probably the only one), belt bags (are you kidding? Adding more bulk to my waist?) and no cross body bags (with big boobs that it is not a good idea). However… I could lose myself in round bags, bucket bags, classic bags and bags with a ring… enough options to financially ruin me haha.

    1. You are too funny Greetje – I love your sense of humour.

      Personally I am also not a belt bag person but I do like monogram if it is tasteful. The elephant bag amuses me because it became so popular. Small boobs so cross over bags perfect for me 😉

      Have a brilliant day,
      Yvonne xxx

  3. Lovely to see that cute bags are totally it, because cute little bags go well with cute little me😉 I absolutely adore the pink ones and the straw bag you show us. Round bags are somewhat missing in my wardrobe, so I know what to look for this season. Thanks for the inspiration Yvonne. Love, Lieske

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