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This is a throwback to September 2017 Paris Fashion Week. Japanese Designer Junko Shimada had both her daughter and grand daughter supporting her at her show. With a wonderful tree nestled on the catwalk and models wearing constructed leaves on their heads. My heart really melted though as I learnt that the whole tree inspiration came from a sweet drawing made by Junko’s adorable grand daughter whom I had the pleasure of meeting personally.

Junko Shimada herself is well over 70 but her designs never fail to have an incredibly modern, upbeat feel to them. The themes shown in September 2017 have started to appear in the shops. Take some inspiration for your Spring wardrobe as you see the lovely gingham designs. Huge feature of red and black. Sheer fabrics and lace also being themes that are paving the trend for Spring 2018.

Keep reading for a look at Spring vibes influenced by a grand daughter’s painting.


Spring Vibes Influenced by a Grand Daughter’s Painting

Red and white gingham:

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

Note the skirt overlay and bows on the sandals – great themes for your own wardrobe.

Black and white gingham

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

This dress style was also seen during other Fall 2018 shows in Paris – see here

The sheer fabric and lace look

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty
Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

Note the touch of green that is seriously coming to light this Spring.

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

Camel and brown tones remaining a theme.

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

Red as a block colour

– carried through from Fall and remains an item for Spring and Fall!

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

The coat dress

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty

A touch of yellow

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty


This collection is currently available here:


+33 (0) 1 42 77 67 00


A little look behind the scenes last September:

Junko Shimada by FunkyForty


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  1. Love these designs , like a breath of fresh air , after a long winter . The designer is beautiful , I love her hair . Xx

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