Shopping for Back to School!

With school starting back on Monday the time came to go shopping with my daughter – a) for a potential new first day outfit and b) the excuse was once school starts there’ll be no time to shop…

This is what happened:

Outfit 1:


I think the cut off look of the denim jacket looks cute.

Denim Jacket, Shirt, and Skirt all from Zara


The look says it all – this denim jacket was not coming home…

We agreed on the following from –   Click here to shop online CHF 54



I actually think this one would be great for the coming cooler weather: Click here to purchase online CHF 89.




Outfit 2:


White Top, black top, black jeans all Zara.

Mother rules and whilst I think the look is cute it was not one that was going to be worn to school 😉


Ok – compromise was reached and we looked at what the shirt (click on link to purchase) would look like tucked in – fabulous – and into the shopping cart it went!


Outfit 3:


Starting to have fun now…are you ready?


Voila! The trousers were OK but we have decided the following from  looked just as good – Click here to purchase CHF 12.



Outfit 4:


Knew I was in trouble as soon as she let her hair down so of course this outfit came home with us.

Top CHF 29 and Trousers CHF 49 Zara.


Outfit 5:

Really getting into the shopping groove now we found ourselves inspired by Laura, also in Zara, shopping for something to wear for that special occasion: dinner, opera etc…



Faux leather dress CHF 59 from Zara

I think this looks awesome on Laura but Cassia  has fallen in love with the following dress (click on link to purchase) from CHF 59:



Hope you enjoyed this shopping for school post – especially if you too have teenage daughter 😉

Stay tuned for my next post which is going to be about Dubai!


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