The Dubai Dream!

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Just back from 4 wonderful days in Dubai – having heard so much about Dubai it still way trumped my every expectation. The one word that comes to mind is OPULENT – Dubai is ready for anything setting limitless plans for it’s future!

20150807_Dubai-2015-08_0602_FotorVisiting at the hottest time of year meant we had a fab deal on accommodation but it was far too hot to walk around outside – thought I would burn after just 100 metres (could be a reflection of me being a wimp;-)

3 Absolute Essential Things To Do in Dubai:

1) Visit Burj Khalifa:

Dubai is the tallest city in the World currently being home to 23 of the 100 tallest buildings – at 829.8m Burj Khalifa is currently the Worlds tallest building!

Tip: Book your trip to the top online and pay much less

20150810_Dubai-2015-08_0518For a real treat albeit expensive eat up on the 122nd floor – an experience you’ll never forget!


2) Shopping

No trip to Dubai would be complete without a trip to at least one shopping mall. Dubai Mall is the largest in the World with 1’200 shops- I fell in love with this mall and how fabulously it was organised!


All sorts of exciting creatures found in the mall 😉


You’ll find absolutely every brand imaginable – I couldn’t resist a skirt from Patrizia Pepe (others buy regular souvenirs but it is my personal mantra to always buy a piece of clothing as my souvenir – smile)

Here a brilliant link to the top 10 malls in Dubai!

3) Sunset Safari Adventure

Brilliant fun – zooming up and down the dunes – even more fun when we saw some vehicles needing to be pushed off the sand peaks – hehehe!

Part of the fun is of course around the fab sunset photos – anyone can jump like this in Dubai:


Don’t forget to get a free Henna Tattoo – although a local girl told me it is better to pay and get them done in a salon if you are really serious about having a super tattoo – as a first try Cassia and I were pretty happy with our free ones 😉


I recommend Arabian Adventures as a brilliant company to book your tour with – if you belong to the Emerates flight award system you can also pay for the trip with your miles.

Stay tuned for posts on  Choosing the Perfect hotel in Dubai and Secret Travel Tips  for Dubai😉



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  1. it looks absolutely incredible! I doubt I’d be able to cope with that weather though… I’m such a wimp when it comes to the heat! I would also struggle going up that huge building… I get vertigo just looking at it 🙂
    Suzy x

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