No Stress 3 Simple Holiday Jewellery Packing Tips

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Phew, with this hot weather I bet you too are beginning to dream of going away for your Summer holidays. Are you getting a mental packing list done in your head yet?

Whilst a lot of effort goes into packing clothing for vacation, jewellery is often forgotten about. Worse still thought of in the last minute at which point we simply pile a whole collection into our suitcases. This being a pure recipe for disaster – especially when it comes to potentially loosing something.

This post is going to help you sort your holiday jewellery packing out for Summer 2019. The no stress 3 simple holiday jewellery packing tips you will love!


No Stress 3 Simple Holiday Jewellery Packing Tips

No Stress 3 Simple Holiday Jewellery Packing Tips

Holiday jewellery packing can actually be a lot simpler than you think.

  1. Stick to simple statement pieces

Especially now when the trend is often to wear lots of small fine chains, it pays to take a slightly different approach when on vacation.

The good thing about statement pieces is they make every outfit that little bit more special and when wearing them less is more. You don’t need to pack so many pieces to still be dressed right on the jewellery front.

No Stress 3 Simple Holiday Jewellery Packing Tips


2. Choose pieces that will go with most of your outfits

No point in taking a piece of jewellery that does not match any of your outfits. Personally I like to pack a set that can be worn both separately or together.

One smaller piece for during the day, which also looks good teamed up with my statement pieces.

No Stress 3 Simple Holiday Jewellery Packing Tips

3. Limit yourself to a set amount of pieces

If you’re not careful jewellery can become like hair clips… suddenly lead a life of it’s own and get lost. No one wants this.

The easiest way to keep track is to limit yourself to a maximum of say 5 pieces. Then no matter how much packing stress you have at the end of your trip all you need to do is count and make sure you still have the same number of pieces and you are fine!

No Stress 3 Simple Holiday Jewellery Packing Tips

Here you see the three pieces I’m going to be taking with me for this years Summer vacation. Love the fact the pendant and necklace match. Then the thinner silver necklace to wear to the beach and during the day.


Jewellery details:

Jewellery By Olga Ribler:

Olga Ribler has been designing fine jewellery for over 20 years now. Her main motto being beautiful jewellery should be affordable for every woman.  All of her pieces are made very carefully, of high quality yet reasonably priced.

Most pieces are either silver or gold-plated silver but in 2017 she also started a small 18kt gold collection.

She has a personal love affair with gemstones and cuts them in her own workshop in Jaipur, India. In addition she has great connections within the gem world. She makes many pieces by order as well as having a selection of one-off pieces or made to order.

Currently you can find Olga Ribler jewellery:


Rings here

Necklaces here

Earrings and piercings are a specialty.


In Luzern: 

Weggisgasse 1
6004 Luzern

Tel.: +41 41 410 00 61

plus in Globus Luzern

In Zurich:

Brunngasse 3
8001 Zürich

Tel.: +41 44 252 62 52

In Basel:

Gerbergasse 3
4001 Basel

Tel.: +41 61 261 47 40


Other Globus stores:

Bern, Glattzentrum, Luzern, Westside and soon Geneva and Locarno.


This post was written in collaboration with Olga Ribler but all opinions are my own.

No Stress 3 Simple Holiday Jewellery Packing Tips

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Wishing you fun choosing your holiday jewellery!



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  1. very nice advice and I really love your collection have to think about it and what I will be taking for my holiday coming soon

  2. dear Yvonne thank you so much for beautiful post and it is true , so many customers go to the holidays and it helps lot with your tipps have a winderful day 🤓

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