The Trick to Successfully Reviving Old with Neon

The Trick to Successfully Reviving Old Items

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all surviving the heat wave if you are also in one of these heat wave zones. Almost too hot to think which is partially the reason why it’s taken me a little longer to write than usual. This and the fact it was my Birthday on Saturday so I decided to have a little break – smile!

Back on track though with another revamping the old type of post. Keep on reading to find out more about the trick to successfully reviving old with neon.


The Trick to Successfully Reviving Old with Neon

The Trick to Successfully Reviving Old Items

Generating new looks each season can become tough. Pieces you bought last Summer probably remain favourites this coming Summer too. Only you don’t want to wear them exactly the same as you did last year as it simply feels old or boring.

The trick to reviving old items is super easy. All you need to do is follow these three steps:

1. Create a mood board in your mind of what the new trends are that you haven’t yet incorporated into your wardrobe.

2. Choose one new trend you particularly like (in this case neon) and buy a little piece to extend your wardrobe

3. Combine your one new piece with last years or even older Summer favourites to create a brand new fresh trendy look wit old items.


This is an easy Summer dress I picked up in Zara last year. At the time I was all excited about generating the all white look.  (see post here).

The Trick to Successfully Reviving Old Items

I still really like the dress – especially for wearing in the hot hot temperatures we’re currently in the midst of. However I really didn’t want to replicate last years look once again.

So I took my own advice and came to the conclusion a piece of neon was missing from my current wardrobe…

The Trick to Successfully Reviving Old Items

Sauntering through the sales in town I came across this bag with neon strap in Essential Antwerp. Perfect – especially as I already had the cute orange heels at home (vintage MiuMiu).

Here is a list of top trends you might not have and could add to an existing wardrobe:

  • Neon
  • Straw Bag
  • Feature Hair clips
  • Organza
  • Frills


…and if you’re keen to add a piece of neon to your wardrobe –  items to SHOP NOW:


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Have fun revamping the old…


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  1. very nice that Neon Bag is brightening up your white dress and makes it much more interesting very nice love it also with your lovely shoes

  2. Thanks for this tip👍🏻🎾 I’m going to look for some items too! So one of my next posts will be in some neon accents😉👍🏻😘

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