Style by a 4 Year Old!

Style by a 4 Year Old

Style by a 4 Year Old

Have you ever given a 4 year old summer clothes in the middle of winter? Years ago I did this to my daughter – you can guess what happened…So excited to have pretty new clothes they had to be worn instantly regardless of cold temperatures outside!ย But you know what – coupled with thick stockings and a winter top underneath the whole outfit really looked quite good!

So, style by aย 4 year old it is and wearing summer in winter is a concept I continue to adopt!

You will have seen this summer dress bought in New Zealand in October – see: European Design Discovery Down Under

Dress by Dotti - FunkyForty…and now see how I wore it just the other day – converting it into a winter dress:

Dress by Dotti worn in winter




3 Good reasons for wearing Summer in Winter:

  1. It extends your winter wardrobe without having to buy new stuff
  2. Means you get to wear your favourite summer pieces a little longer
  3. Or, that you can wear the new Spring/Summer collection before winter finishes ๐Ÿ˜‰


3 Good reasons for learning style from a 4 Year Old:

  1. Their ideas are always fresh and without prejudice
  2. Will encourage you to move away from your set ideas
  3. A good excuse to have a giggle together as the years go by ๐Ÿ™‚


Check out these super cute sleeveless dresses at awesome festive prices:

Straplessparty dress Madmoiselle La Redoute ยฃ31.50

Round neck voile insert dress La Redoute ยฃ21

350002589_0_PR_1_350002589-a9bc6fe4-613b-46eb-abb3-e2660e2c6fd0-2Printed sleeveless dress Loverdrobe La Redoute ยฃ49

Cutaway shoulder dress La Redoute ยฃ27

Wishing you lots of fun thinking about what to wear during the festive season!

Have you ever learnt from your 4 year old?

I’d love to hear your story:


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