Style by a 4 Year Old!

Style by a 4 Year Old

Style by a 4 Year Old

Have you ever given a 4 year old summer clothes in the middle of winter? Years ago I did this to my daughter – you can guess what happened…So excited to have pretty new clothes they had to be worn instantly regardless of cold temperatures outside! But you know what – coupled with thick stockings and a winter top underneath the whole outfit really looked quite good!

So, style by a 4 year old it is and wearing summer in winter is a concept I continue to adopt!

You will have seen this summer dress bought in New Zealand in October – see: European Design Discovery Down Under

Dress by Dotti - FunkyForty…and now see how I wore it just the other day – converting it into a winter dress:

Dress by Dotti worn in winter




3 Good reasons for wearing Summer in Winter:

  1. It extends your winter wardrobe without having to buy new stuff
  2. Means you get to wear your favourite summer pieces a little longer
  3. Or, that you can wear the new Spring/Summer collection before winter finishes 😉


3 Good reasons for learning style from a 4 Year Old:

  1. Their ideas are always fresh and without prejudice
  2. Will encourage you to move away from your set ideas
  3. A good excuse to have a giggle together as the years go by 🙂


Check out these super cute sleeveless dresses at awesome festive prices:

Straplessparty dress Madmoiselle La Redoute £31.50

Round neck voile insert dress La Redoute £21

350002589_0_PR_1_350002589-a9bc6fe4-613b-46eb-abb3-e2660e2c6fd0-2Printed sleeveless dress Loverdrobe La Redoute £49

Cutaway shoulder dress La Redoute £27

Wishing you lots of fun thinking about what to wear during the festive season!

Have you ever learnt from your 4 year old?

I’d love to hear your story:


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