How to Make the Most of Your Body Shape!

Hi Everyone!

“Not every body needs to be able to wear every style”

The opening statement to this weeks personal styling event with Melanie Albisser at Modissa in Zurich -(first and second sessions). Not to fear though this weeks tips and tricks are coming to the rescue of every body no matter what shape you are!


10 Fabulous tips for making the most of your Body Shape!

  1. For the perfect feminine figure – Wear an outfit that makes both Shoulders and Hips appear to be the same size!
  2. Whenever wearing items that make you look wide – make sure you go taller by wearing heels – caution though as the size of your heel should be proportionate to your body – larger ladies should stay clear of extremely thin heels and vice versa (eek – personally I love the new block heels that have come out – shall compensate by making sure I wear high block heels not low ones).
  3. For leg extension – always important to stay tone in tone from the waist down!
  4. Beware of shiny fabrics – these can give the appearance of roundings on the slimest of figures! If you do wear shiny though make sure you match the outfit with a matt shoe to tone things down.
  5. Larger Breasts – a V Neck is the perfect solution, instantly adding femininity to your look.dsc_9298
  6. Side Pockets are great for adding volume to a super skinny stature – otherwise stay away from them.
  7. Create tallness by wearing longer coats – the trick is to wear them open. This works even for shorter people!
  8. High waisted trousers are perfect for creating longer legs!
  9. Cropped box tops are perfect for the androgen shape.
  10. Trousers with pleats are very forgiving for those of us with a little tummy – beware though of how the pleats are folded!



Bonus tips for this Fall:

Leather trousers are the new jeans this Fall!

If you’r going light tones make sure your whole outfit stays in the colour range including coat, bag and shoes!

Trying to buy for your separates – make sure you bring the piece with you if trying to get something else to match!

A little event impression gallery…


I would like to thank Modissa for giving me the opportunity to be in charge of the guest list for this event and Melanie for your awesome style tips.

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  1. Those are usefull tips. I worked in a fashionstore were we adviced our customers very well. We always were trained in knowing what a pear , apple etc. shape should wear also.

  2. Interesting : we have read so much in magazines about the best way to dress … here are some substantials tips … written with humor … like it …

    1. You are so right Sheela.
      Just yesterday a good friend of mine was telling me how she would always buy her daughter beautiful matching outfits yet she never would wear them and would create the most weird combinations which would funny enough look good on her because she would wear them with such confidence – she loved the combinations she created and so did everyone else afterwards!

      xx Yvonne

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