It’s Not You it’s the Cut & More Useful Tips!

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This week saw part two of a series of personal styling events with Melanie Albisser at Modissa in Zurich -(read all about the first session and 7 top styling tips here). Not to fear though there is always so much to be said about fashion – todays post highlights totally new tips and tricks we can all use – tips that that are useful to abide by regardless of trends.dsc_4161


My heart skipped a beat as Melanie spoke about trying on trousers – we’ve all been there haven’t we – in a changing room, trying on 3 pairs of trousers none of which look good on us, we decide our legs are fat, we are too short, too tall, diet in order – the list goes on.

The brilliant news it’s not You it’s the Cut – it happens to all of us and the problem is in the cut of the trousers. Just like the fact that everyone’s body shape is different – so are trouser cuts.  It’s important you find a cut that’s perfect for You!

Surviving Trouser shopping – personal tip is if you try on  trousers of a particular brand and the first pair doesn’t suit – either make sure the next pair is a totally different cut or walk out and try a different brand – don’t torture yourself !!!!


Melanie says be brave and try out leather trousers this season – apparently you can wear them in the office too provided they are combined properly and not skinny legging style.

5 More Staple Styling Tips:

  1. Jackets should always finish at least at the widest part of your body – it’s OK if longer but a cropped jacket over wide hips is not a good look.
  2. Bad Taste Days – we all have these and the trick to surviving these is to have an outfit ready which you can wear for those days…I actually wrote a post about this awhile ago – see “Bad Taste Day Survival”
  3. Uni-coloured outfits are totally in trend this season so do go for them but as a rule, especially for the office, make sure you combine with a statement piece such as jewellery, scarf or coloured shoes otherwise you run the risk of being labelled as boring.
  4. Heel size – should be in relation to your body size. If you are of larger proportions a super skinny heel is not the best look – fortunately thick heels are todays top trend! The same applies to petite people – the super chunky shoe trend may overpower you (speaking from experience here – smile)
  5. Cleaning Collars – makeup on your crisp white shirt sound familiar- the solution is simple: get a packet of Nivea face cleansing wipes!

This Weeks Outfit Samples:


Getting the feeling a coat with furry collar belongs in everyones wardrobe this season!


Stripes haven’t left us!


A little fun Kenzo number.


How to tie a coat belt…


The little Chanel look – note the petrol blue – more about this colour in next post, stay tuned!


The denim trend – worn differently this season – Love that jumper too!

A little event impression gallery…

I would like to thank Modissa for giving me the opportunity to be in charge of the guest list for this event and Melanie for your awesome style tips.

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