1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style

1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style

Hi Everyone,

There’s something about owning a statement skirt that simply can not be beaten. They never date and always look fabulous. The trick is to use your imagination and style them in different ways.

Recently I discovered the boutique ANNEX in the heart of Zurich. The best one stop shop in the whole city if you are on the look out for a statement skirt. There is a huge selection in almost any colour imaginable and most come with matching wrap around shirts which also look fabulous with the skirts.

Small preview of some of the selection here:

1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style

Can you spot my skirt among the collection above?

This post shows 3 ways I like to style this skirt. Note I deliberately am not showing it teamed with the shirt as you will see this anyway when you visit ANNEX – one street parallel to Bahnhofstr: Augustinergasse 52, 8001 Zurich.

Keep on reading for “1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style” tips.


1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style

  1. Styled simply with a thin matching sweater and pumps

1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style

For a skirt this length pumps are really the best look for the ankles as they make them look slimmer. All the same you’ll see that I still team the skirt with sneakers further down.

1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style

As the sweater is very plain with a simple round neck I desired to add a statement necklace for a bit of pep.

The matching pink sunglasses are also a purposeful addition – smile.

1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style


2. Worn with simple short and denim jacket

1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style

For this outfit to really pop I kept to mainly blue accessories. The sneakers, the bag all being blue.

Note the arm tie for a bit of a special touch…

1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style


3. Ready for Summer with simple tank top and belt

1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style

Ready to visit a French market – smile.

I’ve deliberately chosen brown accessories here with the slingback mules, watch strap and belt all matching.

Ready to step into my friend Beatrice’s cute car and go for a picnic – do you want to come too?


1 Skirt 3 Ways to Style

Wishing you lots of fun with your statement skirt and if you are in Zurich centre do visit:



Augustinergasse52, 8001 Zurich

Tel: +41 44 221 09 79

MONDAY – FRIDAY  10:00 ~ 18.30

SATURDAY 10:00 ~ 17.00


PS: Right next door there is also the prettiest jewellery store where you will find carefully selected unique pieces of jewellery to fall in love with.



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