How to make even the Trickiest Colour Work for You!

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If there’s one thing for certain it’s that this Autumn is going to be a colourful one. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been enjoying Summer so long – who knows. However look wherever you may and the new collections popping into the stores are full of exciting new colours!

As nice as this may seem, where does it leave those of us that go decidedly pasty over Winter? Or those of us who simply prefer to play it safe and feel as though most of this seasons colours don’t suit our complexions?

Well don’t despair as it is actually possible to successfully wear any colour. Even those that make us look painfully pale. it is simply a matter of styling them carefully.

Keep reading for tips about How to make even the trickiest colour work for you!


How to make even the Trickiest Colour Work for You!

I had to quietly smile as I posted this outfit on Instagram today and received tons of DM’s saying purple looks so good on me. To be honest it is a colour I never used to wear close to the face. That is until recently…

Colour Blocking

Discovering that colour blocking can make a real difference to an overall look. So much so that the individual colours involved no longer become so important. Funny isn’t it – you would think it’s the other way round but believe me it’s not. Essential is that there are only 2 – 3 colours involved and each colour is a real contrast to the other.

Free the Neckline

Free the neckline to let many colours be more forgiving to your complexion. As soon as you wear something up tight around or close to your neck you have to be much more careful about the overall effect it will have to your facial complexion.  The neckline doesn’t have to be deep and revealing – a simple boat neckline can also be effective.

Keep another colour between the “Tricky Colour”  and your Face!

For example – this adorable pumpkin orange. As much as I love the tone, stick it near my face and believe me things go wrong! Worn as a skirt with another such contrasting colour and voila it suddenly becomes a colour that also suits. In fact it’s such a great colour as it teams up with so many others.

Team with Black!

That’s such an easy one to do. Any and every colour will go with black. So if you love a colour but don’t know what to wear with it – simply team it with black!


Outfit Details:

Skirt, Top and Trousers  – c/o Paradis des Innocents

Purple Sandals  – MSGM c/o Zalon

Bag – c/o Zalon

Black Pumps – Souvenir from Como (similar here)



Location Details:

All photos were taken at my favourite hotel in Beaune – Hostellerie le Cedre

Upper left hand side me with hotel manager Raphael – thanks for the wonderful stay!


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Wishing you fun preparing for Autumn!

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  1. As far as I can tell online, the violet color looks good on you and I like the energy that the pumpkin skirt gives the violet. Distinctive yet simple. 🙂 GREAT choice!
    I love the cut of the pants. I would like to see them in a near the shoe length with very cute, truly agile, comfy, flexible flats or low wedges because they give grace and ease to one’s step and preserve or restore the appearance and health of our feet. Such shoes are shaped like a healthy foot, and not easy to find, Here are a few. If you find more, that are vegan, I would love to see. 🙂
    I like to buy everything from head to toe as a cosmetic. I shop w/o make up on. If a piece improves my appearance, I buy it. If not, I don’t. Shopping takes a long time. Getting dressed doesn’t. I love to try new colors, as well as new designs that are not retro.
    Thanks for your blog! Enjoy yourself!!!

  2. what for a nice and beautiful colour combination I love it very much and that purple is matching up really very nice love love love it

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