How to look Slimmer in a Sleeveless Little Black Dress

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The little black dress is a must have in any wardrobe. However how many black dresses do you need? Personally I really believe in having a few to interchange.

Despite being wardrobe staples and basically not dating they will loose shape over time. You do, when the time comes, need to be brave enough to let go of your favourite and invest in a new one.

The best time to buy is right now in full Sale  period! I got this one half price – thanks to a dear friend who wouldn’t let me leave the shop without it, but that’s another story – smile!

Todays tip is brilliant for every shape. As time moves on most of us start getting conscious about our upper arms. Now the perfect solution to wearing a sleeveless dress at any shape, size or age!

Keep reading to find out how to  look slimmer in a sleeveless Little Black Dress!


How to look Slimmer in a Sleeveless Little Black Dress!

So it’s not really about the hat and gloves – but Idid add them to the look for a little fun…

As strange as it may seem – DO stay away from black stockings when wearing all black.

Believe me, much more stunning a look with skin tones or no stockings at all if possible – even with incredibly pale legs!

Time for a serious talk about those upper arms… gravity just has it’s way as time goes on. Or is it that I need to start weight lifting?

Hoever look at the difference here:


Hat and gloves have gone but I just added a pair of cute Canopi sleeves. These little detachable sleeves can be added to any sleeveless or even short sleeved top / dress to give it a totally new look.

You’d never guess I’m wearing detachable sleeves would you?

(Sidetrack – lets talk lips…have heard so many comments that red lipstick is ageing so deliberately went for nude toning here. What’s your take? I always think the brighter colour really brightens up the face – especially when you have blonde hair.)


Outfit details

Little Black Dress – Karen Millen (similar here)

Detachable sleeves – Canopi

Bordeaux Bag and Black Pumps – Best Secret


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Sleeveless at any age!

nb: Thanks to my dear friend Brenda for taking photos.

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. very nice I really love the sleeves they match very nice with the dress and makes it a different style again very nice

  2. Nice look and your upper arms don’t look as if they need sleeves, but it is a handy trick. As for the lipstick… whoever said that red is aging. What bxllicks. Just wear it my dear.

  3. Hi Yvonne. Great dress and fantastic photos. I have got a few little black dresses as well. Bought my last one online just before Xmas…..and it arrived just after Xmas. So, I had a new LBD for new year’s eve! Thanks for the tip about the legs. Will keep that one in mind! Have a great week. Love, Lieske

  4. I love your fashion ideas! I asked my daughter Dale Janée to share your link! Looking forward to future style ideas which look great on you!

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