Getting Smart Casual Just Right

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We’ve all had the term “smart casual”. For most of us it’s just when we’re trying to figure out what the appropriate thing to wear is. Do we dress up or down. Then the fabulous response comes…”smart casual”. Groan, doesn’t that just open up the whole wardrobe?

However getting smart casual just right can be much easier than you think. Keep reading for three key factors which will ensure you get “smart casual” just right every time.


Getting Smart Casual Just Right

There are 3 key factors to take into account:

  1. Occassion (i.e. work or leisure)
  2. Who else will be there (what are they likely to be wearing)
  3. The impression YOU want to make (yes, people do judge based on appearances)

Answer those three questions and your outfit will suddenly appear before your eyes!

For example:

Occassion = Work, the answer is simple, everything smart but not a matching suit. Stay away from jeans and trainers otherwise you are bound to fail on point 3 above!

Occassion = Leisure, a little more tricky. Try to find out what others are wearing and then decide for you whether you wish to conform or make a statement of your own. Leave the long ball gown in the closet (did I need to say that?).

Who else will be there = friends/ family you have known for a long time, feel free to wear whatever you like. They have already made up their minds about you.

Who else will be there = people you will meet for the first time, design your outfit totally around the impression you want to make.


A favourite smart casual look of mine…

Note for the office of course “sensa” hat and sunnies. Also recommend considering the office environment carefully before taking designer handbags to work. They may or may not be appropriate.


Outfit details:

Trousers – Winser London

Sweater – NAKD (20% discount code “funkyforty20”)

Blazer – vintage Max&Co (a good blazer is a simple must for every wardrobe)

shop now:


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Take the Stress our of “Smart Casual” today!

nb: Thanks to my dear friend Brenda for taking photos.


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  1. Hi Yvonne. I love your bell sleeves. I have recently bought a sweater with equally beautiful yet equally long (!) bell sleeves. HELP. So unpractical for in the classroom yet so cool to look at. Any tips regarding this dilemma? Love, Lieske

  2. “smart casual” is such a great definition. Your current look is the best example to understand it very well. Love that look and if I had long legs I would wear exactly the same combo.. you look fantastic..btw.the blazer fits you so much! xoxo Martina

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