How to Enjoy Fall 2018 Like a Fashionista

Hi Everyone,

There’s no denying it now – Fall or Autumn is really here! From a fashionista point of view it’s a time to celebrate! Yes, finally we have a real excuse to go out there and wear something new. Either completely new to go with a new trend or simply take something old out of the back of our wardrobes and style it in a totally new way.

Fall 2018 is special in that it really is all about colour. Revisiting Milan and Paris Street Stye photos this came back to light even more.

Lots of bold khaki tones.  The fashion weeks just past saw khaki worn as a strong colour on it’s own, not necessarily (like previous seasons),  part of a camouflage theme. Red is always a great colour as soon as temperatures drop. Whilst Fall 2017 saw bright red replacing burgundy, 2018 now again sees either rich burgundy or more of a mix between cherry red and burgundy coming through.

Keep reading to find out more about how to enjoy Fall 2018 like a fashionista.


How to Enjoy Fall 2018 Like a Fashionista

As a true fashionista you’ll find there’s always a few fun tricks to making the most out of Fall:

  1. Keep bare legs as long as possible.

Provided you’re dressed warm enough on top this actually works without catching a cold!

2. Invest in a new type of coat not already in wardrobe.

This khaki coat really has gotten me going. It’s made out a special thick but a little stretchy fabric meaning the wind doesn’t get through and yet it remains ever so comfy but still keeps shape.

3. Scarf it up

Pretty bracelets often get lost under clothing in the colder months, so now’s the time to make a scarf statement. Try wearing it in a new way or even loosely over the head for that real “statement” look.

Paradis des innocents

4. Invest in new sunglasses

The sunglasses trend has taken a strong move towards the smaller frame. If you didn’t already get a pair in Summer, now is really the time to do so. After all Fall can still give us some wonderful sunny days for wearing them.

Zurich Street Style

5. Try out a totally new shoe style

For me it’s these flat pointed sock boots. Such a fun new style I haven’t tried ever before. They also look great with pencil skirt – see here


Wishing you all lots of fun enjoying Fall 2018 like a Fashionista!

Outfit details:

Sweater, Trousers, Scarf and Jacket all c/o Paradis des Innocents

Belt and Bag – Gucci (belt here, similar bag here)

Pumps – Sam Edelman (similar here)

Sock Booties – c/o Avellino Paris


Please note  links to vendors may be affiliate links. I do benefit from your purchases through the links on the blog. Prices shown are CHF but shipping is global.


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Wishing you a fun Fall 2018!

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. very nice I love the big scarf it looks so vibrant and is just something what brightens up any kind of weather

  2. I never thought funky was a compliment before. 🙂 You look great and looks like you are enjoying fall.

    LOVE the clothes. Especially the pants and scarf! I see that you cuffed instead of hemming, versatile.

    I’m not a fan of high heels because I don’t think they add to perceived height and they don’t provide or project ease or comfort. I don’t mind them as much with slightly cropped or cuffed pants, as I do with full length pants. Love sneaker boots, especially yours because you stuck with a refined, no platform style that works with the rest of your clothes. I love walking, having high energy and wearing new (not retro) styles. Sock sneaker boots are great for that.

    1. Thank you so much for your well thought feedback dear.

      My secret to heels is that these days I always wear those with built in cushions – softer on the feet – smile

  3. I keep seeing these trousers and thinking… gosh they are GOOD. But they were pretty expensive. Worth it though. Not easy to get them from The Netherlands I think. The whole outfit is pretty darned perfect. Well done Yvonne.

    1. I agree Greetje, the trousers are expensive but I tell you they are worth it – finally a pair of black trousers that keep their colour after washing. Also the comfort and fit – can’t explain why but they are seriously the most comfy trousers I have had in a long time. Plus somehow they are denim casual and dressy at the same time. I had been looking for these since ever so am suuuuper happy with them.

      Thanks for the lovely outfit complement.

  4. Dear Yvonne,
    sorry in deutsch: toller Input – werde versuchen ein paar Dinge umzusetzen. Mehr mit dem Schal spielen und auf farbenfrohe Stücke freue ich mich sehr.
    Danke für die tollen Fotos.
    Enjoy every day – keep in touch, soleil_Fatima

    1. Dear Fatima,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment – I understand German totally, just wish I wrote it better.
      Have fun, keep smiling and speak soon xoxo Yvonne

  5. I love all of your clever suggestions – particularly the wearing of red, it’s such a strong and confident colour! All of your looks were incredibly stylish and you carried them off with real finesse! Have a great weekend! Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏

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