The Hidden Virtues of VERTUO the New Nespresso Coffee Machine

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It all started when I told my hubby we’re getting the new VERTUO Nespresso coffee machine in our home. Even worse I was in Milan at the time so he had to go and collect this machine for me. It was a somewhat disgruntled hubby that informed me a) we don’t need another coffee machine, b) I was wasting his time…

However once I got home the unpacking procedure began. Curiosity got the better of both hubby and daughter. It was almost a scrabble to see who got the first coffee… and now the VERTUO has a permanent place of honour in our kitchen . Both hubby and daughter (and I), have officially fallen in LOVE with the new VERTUO Nespresso coffee system.

Yes, this is a collaboration but YES this is a very real story! So keep on reading to find out more about the hidden virtues of VERTUO the new Nespresso coffee system.


The Hidden Virtues of VERTUO the New Nespresso Coffee Machine

1. Large and Frothy with new revolutionary technology

Finally the coffee machine that produces a real flavoursome mug of coffee! The Nespresso VERTUO system prepares coffee in a revolutionary way using Centrifusion technology, combining infusion and a centrifugal force. It is this new process that enables the perfect balance between intensity, aroma and crema.

As well as making large mug sized coffee VERTUO capsules are also available in other sizes such as Espresso and Alto.

2. The new intelligent capsule

Gone are the days of having to remember to push the right button according to the size any type of coffee you want…(Please tell me I am not the only one who pushed the wrong button to see an overflowing Espresso cup).

The new VERTUO capsules have a special barcode around the edge which is read by the machine, telling it automatically how much water is required for optimal flavour of that coffee.

Only one button now – perfect for sleepyheads like me in the morning!

3. The choice of flavours remain

The first panic in my house was the fear of our favourite flavours no longer being available…but our fears were soon diminished as we ordered more coffee online and saw all our favourite flavours also available in new VERTUO capsules!

4. Side by side

The new VERTUO range is a totally new dimension of flavour however for anyone in love with their old Nespresso coffee machine, both capsules be available side by side giving everyone plenty of choice!

5. Recyclable

The new VERTUO coffee capsules are also made out of aluminium and 100% recyclable. The new VERTUO coffee machine was officially launched in Switzerland at the Zurich Film Festival. This was also where I learnt about the impressive 2’700 recycling points for Nespresso coffee capsules.

In Switzerland you can simply put your old capsules in a bag and leave them in your letterbox and the post people will take them away for you – amazing!

6. Cocktail time

No longer necessary to think of coffee as a simple hot drink. At the Zurich Film Festival we got to try the yummiest Aperol Spritz Coffee cocktail.

More Nespresso coffee recipes here

Try for yourself…

VERTUO Nespresso coffee machine available here.


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With fond memories of the zurich Film Festival!


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  1. the new Coffee Machine sound really amazing and the nice thing is also that those capsules can be prevented again nice one

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