Hot Tips for Buying the Perfect 2015 Coat!

Coat – Mantu

It’s that time of year when it’s time to think of a new winter coat or jacket before it gets too late!

Hot for Fall / Winter 2015:

1) Dark Blue, Red or Yellow!

2) Black needs to have a special feature

3) Either  tapered in at the waist or complete oversize look

4) Double breasted jackets

5) Longer lengths down to mid calf


Jacket – Mantu


5 essential things to remember before you buy:

1) During the winter you need a coat every day –  make it a look that makes you smile!

2) Quality rules! Your coat will be the first impression for many people and it needs to keep you warm!

3) Look at what you already have before you buy – it can happen that we simply put our coats away at the end of a season without really checking what state they are in and then at the beginning of the next we suddenly see the sleeve is worn through or lining ripped etc!

4) Every wardrobe needs one bright coloured coat or jacket – from experience I know it seems extravagant when you splurge but it will end up being your “go-to” jacket or coat for years to come – Don’t know where I would be without my Tory Burch yellow coat 😉

5) Buying a good coat is an investment, it is worth spending a little more!


Some fun looks from the Mantu event at Modissa, 3rd Floor last nite (thanks again for the fun evening Modissa):

My personal favourite is the yellow and considering the one I have is quite Vintage…maybe it’s time for an upgrade…EEEK 😉

Personal favourite coat brand has until now been MaxMara – I only just heard about Mantu this season and am most impressed with the quality of the garments. Having met the owner yesterday made me even more sold on the brand as I saw with how much passion the clothing is made, there is a lot of manual labour involved and three generations of tailors working there, each with their spectacular Italian talents – when it comes to fashion the Italians certainly come tops – am so excited about Milan Fashion Week next week!


Wishing you all good luck buying this seasons coat!

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  1. I love the yellow one too! I’m on the look out for a winter coat at the moment (just wrote a post about today!), but I need something that is either water repellant or water proof as I’ll be wearing it on a holiday to Wales in a few months!
    Hope I find a stylish one!
    Suzy x

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