FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

Hi Everyone,

Another month already gone by since my last Funky Forty Favourite Shops update. July being the big Summer Sale month of the year so keep scrolling to find out what’s new and about some great Summer deals.

The FunkyForty Favourite shops page contains a select amount of favourite shops of mine. I monitor them monthly and report on new items/trends happening to keep you all up to date. This page will always be kept limited in number and only contain those shops which I really love.

I’m particularly excited at my lovely new store this month. Tailors Lover, a lovely online Greek store which has the best selection of Greek made Bohemian style dresses out.

Keep reading for more about “FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update”. This month I have 12 fabulous shops to showcase!


FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

New this month
  1. Tailors Lover

The story behind finding this lovely shop  started 2 years ago when I went to Greece with my Mum. We checked out all the stores in Athens trying to find one that would sell a nice selection of locally made bohemian garments. At the time we didn’t find exactly what we wanted but since then I have met Maria from Tailors Lover – a lovely store and online store selling the most beautiful and largest selection of Greek made bohemian dresses and accessories. Perfect for any Summer vacation.

FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

Dresses available online:

(all under EUR 220)

Top leftTop middle,  Top right

Bottom left, Bottom middle, Bottom right


Updates from other Favourite Shops:
2. Maison Gassmann

Currently having a love affair with their pre fall collections:

FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

Dresses available online:

Black dress on left – available here

Camel knit dress – available here

Black and white patterned dress – available here

Maison Gassmann also has the most awesome sale on at present.


3. Beaubelle

FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

Beaubelle is a Swiss Skin Care Brand which researches, develops and produces its skin care products in Switzerland.

I have been using their products for a couple of months now and really notice a difference.

Have you read the blog post about non surgical ways to reverse signs of ageing around the eyes yet?

I’ll be writing more tips and tricks about Beaubelle products on over the next few months so stay tuned!


4. Marina Anouilh

Situated in the heart of Gstaad’s central shopping street. Marina Anouilh is a concept store with a certain magic to it. Created by Marina Anouilh herself, every corner tells a new story. You walk in, see something you like, discover the story and your heart melts.

My current love affair is her fabulous collection of oversized blazers. More about these and how to style them on blog soon.

FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

Blazer – available online here

Bags – available online here

Jeans – available online here

Belts – available online here

Glasses above – my no. 5 Favourite shop Marcus Marienfeld.

All glasses are handmade in Switzerland and you can even get your own bespoke glasses made by Marcus himself.

If you’re visiting Zermatt anytime soon be sure to visit his adorable showroom on the way to the Kleiner Matterhorn.


6. Golden Carrot Shoes

FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

There is currently a fabulous sale in store but you need to visit the shop or call to ask as not all items have been marked down online yet.

In addition there is a lovely silk and cotton Summer collection newly in store – certainly worth checking out.

Golden Carrot Shoes & More


+41 78 848 28 23


7. Maru Design

FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

MARU Design is a relatively new online interior design store started by Liisa and Laura:

In their one words they say:

“- sisters, mothers, professionals from consulting and marketing and deeply passionate about Estonian independent design. Nice to meet you!

The perfect place for your must have Summer outside entertaining essentials – more tips here.


8. La Tienda

FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

A sneak preview of what’s coming for Fall – cardigan available online here.

The shop itself is currently closed for Summer vacation. However the online store is still open with an additional 10% off Sale items.

See my favourite sale picks here.

Check out online sale here.


9. Suenia Zurich

FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

I am going to confess now that I own this little box of bracelets and each morning rain or sun I have great fun choosing which bracelets I am going to wear with my outfit.

Sometimes it’s just one bracelet, other times 2 and sometimes simply a whole bunch. These very reasonably priced bracelets (from EUR 39) are what I consider to be a fun must have in every wardrobe – something to make your inner sunshine come out each day.

SUENIA Zurich online store here.


10. Caroline-Dechamby

FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

Visiting Paris one Fashion Week several years ago was when first came across a selection of wonderful bags by Caroline Dechamby – a Dutch self taught artist living in the wonderful Swiss mountain area of Crans Montana. We have been friends ever since.

If you like art then having one of Caroline Dechamby’s bags is almost a must have as it quite simply is the same as having a piece of art on your arm.

Pictured above is a sample of some of her artwork – see more here.


11. Landolt

FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

Situated right in the heart of Zurich by Paradeplatz, next to the Savoy Hotel and opposite Gucci. Landolt-Arbenz is an exclusive pen and stationary shop. Unique within the whole of Switzerland. A magical world of writing instruments, leather goods and stationary unfolds before your very eyes as you enter the store.

I love their current Instagram pictures – each day is another trip through Europe with a pen. Can you spot the pen in each of the 6 pictures above?


12. Baunat
FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update

A clever woman buys her diamonds from Baunat!

BAUNAT is a digital native online platform. Hence the usual operational costs of running a beautiful store are eliminated, and BAUNAT  can sell diamonds at their true value.

Not to worry if you don’t like to buy a diamond purely online. There are a few showrooms for customers. See here for a location near you. 


Hope you enjoyed the FunkyForty Favourite Shops July’21 Update!

Stay tuned for more Favourite Shops news next month!



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