Empty Nesting Fun for Beginners

Empty Nesting Fun for Beginners

Hi Everyone,

One minute our lives are totally consumed by our little ones. We spend every spare minute with them. Making the cutest memories ever. Stories we can tell over and over again about the funny things they did and adventures we got up to together.

Over time however school takes over they have less time for us. Then “zip zap” it’s suddenly the moment they leave home, leaving many of us in a whirlwind of emotions.

Our daughter left home just a couple of months ago and as much as I miss her presence around the home it has also been a true time of growth. I have come to realise that also now I can choose to either take the high road or low road. Do I feel sad about this chapter of my life being over and pine for the past or do I learn to let go and have an internal party to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter.

I’m going to admit to starting the first week or two feeling a little like a rollercoaster ride until I consciously decided to take the high road and literally haven’t looked back since. Of course I love our daughter to pieces and am ever so happy to hear from her but this new chapter in life is also proving to be quite fun!

For a start let me tell you I am sitting here in our daughters room feeling quite cozy having done a bit of redecorating, bought a few pretty Desino Posters, a chair and now sipping a little champagne whilst going through a fashion book. Party time – haha!

Keep reading to find out more about empty nesting fun for beginners – smile!


Empty Nesting Fun for Beginners

Empty Nesting Fun for Beginners
Girl in window poster

Here we go for my 10 top tips for making Empty Nesting Fun for Beginners:

  1. Read up on the topic

This is always good as it makes you realise no matter how you are feeling there are others out there that feel exactly the same.

I really appreciated this one account of a Mother with 3 children that all left home.


2. Get the recipe books out

Now you can cook all the things you weren’t allowed to before – provided your partner agrees. Luckily mine quite liked the idea!


3. Get the romance going

A free house just the two of you. Somehow it starts to remind me of when we first moved in together.


Empty Nesting Fun for Beginners
Pink Flower Dream No 2 poster
4. Turn the room into your oasis

Here it’s super important that you make the rules clear from the start. Once they move out the room is theirs when they visit but they no longer have rights to the entire room.

Create your own theme by adding new posters to the walls…


5. Transfer clothes into the wardrobe that was previously your Son or Daughters.

My favourite bit as my wardrobe really was getting too cramped no matter how much I tried to sort it out… the extra space is fabulous!


6. Keep fit

So important at any stage in life but now even more so. Doing regular exercise will keep the mind fresh and body in good shape – it will make you feel happy about yourself and stop thoughts about growing older.


7. Don’t call them they’ll call you

One of the hardest things ever and of course the rule isn’t quite so strict – you can call occasionally but it’s much better to wait for them to call you.

Nothing will make you feel worse than have them tell you you call too much! However once they call you it is lovely to hear from them and it will mean all the more to you.


Empty Nesting Fun for Beginners
Life happens coffee helps poster – chosen by my daughter, smile!
8. Licensed to say No.

Such a freeing experience for you too. When your children are little you always have to be there, drive them wherever they need to go etc.

However now they are grown ups too and it is OK to say no I won’t drive you or no to anything else you do not want to do but would have felt obliged to do when they live at home.


9. Date night with your Daughter/Son

Such a fun thing to do. A totally new experience to go out together once they have moved out. You have so much more to tell each other and a new special bond forms all over again.


10. Be kind to Yourself

Probably the most important of all. There is no real right or wrong when it comes to empty nesting (except for not letting your Daughter or Son go). It is ok to feel however you are feeling. Only do try to have some fun and take the high road. Get up to some sort of mischief you couldn’t do before. Enjoy your new freedom and next chapter in your life.


Wishing you all the best with your Empty Nesting experience!



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