5 New Sunscreen Secrets thanks to COOP Vitality

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The sun is out and it’s time to think about the right sunscreen product for your skin. If you’re anything like me your hair will be doing the same trick with or without wind, just thinking about the right product to use!

Even worse, I will confess to using the same products every year only checking their expiry date. I never even thought of getting advice or finding out about new products available on the market.

Luckily fo rme COOP Vitality asked me to try out their free sunscreen consultation services. What an eye opener this was! I found out some fun new tricks I’m sure you’ll be interested in too!

Keep reading for 5 new sunscreen secrets thanks to COOP Vitality!


5 New Sunscreen Secrets thanks to COOP Vitality

1. The secret behind Factor 50

Did you know you still get just as brown with factor 50 as a lower factor. The 50 just means you don’t have to apply it as often – sounds good to me!


2. Beta Carotene for faster tanning

OMG this reminds me of my school days when we plastered ourselves with coconut oil to get brown (heaven forbid). Much better though today Vichy has a new sun spray on the market with Beta Carotene which both helps you get brown faster and protects the skin at the same time!

3. Brown from the Inside

OK so this sounds odd. However Burgerstein have special Beta Carotene capsules to help you get a tan – this might even be better for you than plastering fake tan over your skin!

4. Keeping that holiday tan a little longer

Gone are the days where we loose our tan the minute we come back from vacation. Calcium Sandoz is a new product on the market which you also take internally to help you keep your tan longer – sounds good to me!

5. Extra Cooling for your Aftersun

Did you know you can keep your aftersun lotion in the fridge. Not only will it be cooler for your skin but it will actually work much more effectively too!


Feeling excited with my new insights these are the three products I decided to take home:

50 Protection from Avène

Vichy sun spray with Beta-Carotin

La Roche-Posay After Sun cooling gel


No secrets this post was written in collaboration with COOP Vitality but proper skin care against the suns rays is a very serious topic. One everybody needs to think about!

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