Stylish Influencer Meet-up in Munich Thanks to

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One of the best things about being an Influencer is the people you meet along the way. Hand in hand with this, one of the best ways to create a real following is by meeting  in person!

When asked if I would like to try out their new hotel experience a great idea sprung to mind. An Influencer meet up! is  a daytime hotel booking platform.

I contacted my dear influencer friends Sabine and Uli from the blog “Fuck The Falten” (check out their post about blogging over 40).  It was time we meet face to face! After a short chat we agreed on organising a day meet up in Munich with a little shopping and cycling. Finishing the day with a great moderated chat where we exchanged ideas and defined what it really takes to have a successful Blog / Influencer platform.

A few impressions… bikes thanks to, with the most comfy seats!

“Stylish Influencer Meet-up in Munich  Thanks to” talks about the blogging /influencer platform topics we discussed as well as more about our new experience with

Stylish Influencer Meet-up in Munich  Thanks to

Moderated Blogging Talk

Our meeting was moderated by Catharina Niggemeier from, who managed to highlight 7 hot topics at the forefront of each of our minds:

  1. Is Facebook dead?

It is certainly under some controversy and if you can avoid it great, but some of us still find it a great platform for generating blog traffic.

2. Is there a shortcut to SEO?

If you really want a genuine SEO rating it simply takes time. A matter of continuously publishing good quality work over time and continuously using great keywords.

3. Instagram – the key to a growing account.

Everyone blames the algorithms.  Fact of the matter is if you want a continuously growing Instagram account it’s a matter of investing 2 hours a day minimum!

Numbers are not an indication of a good Instagram account!

4. Authenticity above everything!

Regardless of the social media platform you are working with the most important thing is authenticity. Be the same online as you are offline!

5. With so many new blogs and instagram accounts starting is it even possible to be successful now?

YES! Be yourself, no one else can be you! Plus have your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), at the forefront of whatever you do!

6. If in doubt…

There is a YouTube tutorial for everything. The general consensus was these really helped everyone at some stage!

7. Is Networking Important?

Yes, person to person meetings are not to be underestimated!

Have you ever been in a city and wanted a hotel room just for a few hours during stopover between flights? Perhaps you needed a comfortable setting for a business meeting? Or you wanted a little get together (baby shower, anniversary, city escape…) not at your home! is the answer!

The solution is designed for both locals and tourists alike. Making hotels a living and working space within everyone’s reach!

Priced at up to -75% of a regular nites stay!

4’000 hotels around the globe in 22 countries!

 For Bookings and more information click here!

Some photos taken directly from

For our experience we were lucky enough to be given the Louis room at the Louis Hotel in Munich.

A fabulous view over Munich’s famous churches and fantastic food was waiting for us in our room.

I can honestly say each and every one of us fell in love with the room and didn’t want to leave it. I have a feeling some of us will for sure be back – smile!

Contact details of the wonderful influencers who joined:

Sabine and Uli FuckTheFalten

Beate  BeFifty


Martina  LAKOULA 

Bibi  Schokoladenjahre

Lilly Butterblume  Instagram

Die_Frische Instagram


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A huge thank you to everyone who joined!


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  1. Sounds like a good concept. I love that you have shared the results of your discussions. Some of them I was happy to read, like the being authentic one, others not so…..2 hours per day on Insta?!? Wow, that is a lot! You girls seem to have had so much fun, the positive vibes just spat from my screen! Have a great and sunny day Yvonne and thanks for sharing so much in just one blogpost. Love, Lieske

  2. Liebe Yvonne, Danke für deinen tollen Blogpost und danke für die Zusammenfassung der Tipps für alle Blogger und Instagramer 🙂 an den 2 Stunden müssen wir noch arbeiten … LG Sabine und Uli

  3. What a fun and informative get together! I have to agree that meeting someone in person would be great and being able to do things together with blogger pals are also wonderful! These are great Q and A information, it’s good to read and see what it can really mean and do to help someone and their blog.

    Maureen |

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