Why Silver is The Hottest Bag Trend of 2023

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We all know trends come and go. Some seem to be seasonal – metallics for example tend to pop up each Christmas/New Year as the great festive accessory or outfit to have. 2023 is however taking this metallic trend one step further. This year sees Silver as being the hottest item all year through. It’s not just me that’s saying this  – Vogue (love this article) is talking about the Silver trend throughout 2023 too.

For those of you wondering why – the answer is simple really. After over 2 years of pandemic the world is ready to come out and party. Silver is the one thing that looks wonderfully fresh during the day and then fits in perfectly for any evening event. The easiest day to night fashion tip ever!

Keep on reading to find out more about my pick as a silver bag and “Why Silver is The Hottest Bag Trend of 2023”.


Why Silver is The Hottest Bag Trend of 2023

My current favourite Silver bag is the Cristiana Vegan shoulder bag by  Studio Tondini.

One might say it is the luxury vegan bag of the century, made with one of the most sustainable alternatives to calf leather: Piñatex®*.  Otherwise known as pineapple leather – something I never knew existed before seeing this bag!

When you see or feel the bag you would never know it was made out of pineapple leather – it feels just like calf leather.

I love the fact that this bag is quite slim but has plenty of space inside for everything I need plus little bits of shopping.

It can be worn with double strap over the shoulder or as single strap cross body – another bonus.

Studio Tondini is a relatively new brand – founded in 2020 by Italian born, Swiss based Roberta Tondini. I met her for coffee the other day and loved how her eyes simply lit up as she told the story of how she started her bag business.

Starting her career as a lawyer, Roberta never really found a bag that suited her needs. Never stylish enough to carry her business documents. She realised other women felt the same way. She started drawing her dream bag for fun whilst travelling to and from work. Her drawing collection grew and grew until one day she realised it was time to take action – not only draw her dream bag!

This bag is also available in gold and black – see here for a short video giving you a sneak peak inside the bag.

Wishing you lots of fun searching for your own silver bag or possibly even getting the same as me – smile!


Outfit details:

Silver shorts and topSass and Bide

BootsBongenie Grieder (a few years old)

CoatBongenie Grieder ( a few years old)

GlassesKarren Walker

Bagstudio Tondini



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  1. Hi dear Yvonne thank you for your blog I love your bag and think the bag looks very nice and just the right size for going out with also the style is very nice and never alters which is also very handy

    1. OOOH I think silver booties sound great – I have pretty silver sandals that are looking forward to Summer on my feet – hehe!


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