When School Uniform Traits Become the Height of Fashion

When School Uniform Traits Become the Height of Fashion

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Having grown up in New Zealand meant we wore a school uniform at High School. Not so exceptional until, many years later, you find yourself wearing an outfit which could have been a school uniform. OK, admittedly without the Gucci bag and pearl details on the sandals. Plus of course the slides are really meant to be proper sandals with a strap around the back.

All the same it’s these school uniform traits that really are currently the height of fashion for Autumn 2020. The blazer with over the knee or maxi skirt teamed up with some sort of chunky black sandal. Yes, I know I already spoke about these last post however they are not to be underestimated. It’s almost as if the black chunky sandal may overtake the chunky sneaker in the seasons to come.

Keep reading for more tips about when school uniform traits become the height of fashion.


When School Uniform Traits Become the Height of Fashion

When School Uniform Traits Become the Height of Fashion

A part of me is a little surprised that I should succumb to this styling. However it does have a slight funky appeal to it. The trick is in the detail.

Choose a fun colour for your blazer and skirt. Stay away from colours such as brown or dark green.

When School Uniform Traits Become the Height of Fashion

Make sure that the blazer fits you. It should look proportionately good with whichever skirt you team it up with. Note even oversized blazers should sit well on the shoulders.

The sandals may be black and chunky but make sure they have some sort of special nuance to them.

The same goes for the bag – essential to have a statement bag when replicating the school uniform traits – otherwise you really will look like someone wearing a school uniform gone wrong – smile!

Fun Fact:

At this point I’ll even confess that I insisted on going to an out of zone school largely because they had the much nicer uniform than the one I was in zone for. Of course I never confessed this at the time. The official reason was that the school had a higher university entrance pass rate.

When School Uniform Traits Become the Height of Fashion

Outfit Details:

Blazer – PINKO, current blazer love here

Skirt – no label, found in small store in Milan last fashion week – current blue skirt love 

Slides – Zara, old, current black sandal love here

Bag – Gucci, similar here

Glasses – Prada, similar here


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  1. very nice and you look even very nice in your Outfit actually I very much love this style and think of getting one for myself

  2. You sligh minx.. going to an out of zone school with that excuse. Haha. Well done.
    I am not too keen on this style as I am quite tall and double breasted jackets with my bosom on long pleated skirts is proportionally wrong for me. But you have shown a nice example.

  3. School uniform! Height of fashion!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooo! That summer dress that makes even the thinnest pretty girl look overweight and shapeless!! I saw some poor young boys in orange and purple wool striped blazers today and matching purple short pants! Arg! I’ll take your beautiful blue linen blazer anyday!

  4. I agree with you. If all school uniform was like this. I love your layering here. The blazer, skirt and sandals are ALL beyond fabulous and you look so street chic!

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