When a Trend becomes a Wardrobe Staple

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Whenever someone mentions wardrobe staples I instantly think of black, white t-shirts and jeans. However in todays world with the main fashion rule being to break all rules, the wardrobe staple has also evolved.

Animal print is one classic example of when a trend becomes a wardrobe staple. For many seasons it has gone in and out of the trend charts. Moving further to the top of the trend charts in recent years. This Autumn however animal print has gone one step further. Off the trend chart and right into the new wardrobe staple chart.

Animal print teamed with tartan being HOT on the fashionista trend list.

The good news for anyone that’s not such a fan of animal print – after all it is a trend that polarises – is that your own piece doesn’t have to be clothing it can also simply be a pair of shoes, a bag or some other accessory.

Keep reading for more pictures of this classic animal print styling and a few items you might like in your own wardrobe.


When a Trend becomes a Wardrobe Staple

Note the red bag to bring out the red stripe on the top.

I have totally fallen in love with this flared trouser look – the thing is though you do really need to wear heels to make it work.

OK, if you are naturally lovely and tall then perhaps not…

This whole outfit is head to toe PINKO – from their Summer collection. However as we had such a hot Summer until now I think i’ll be wearing it more as a pre-Autumn look.

If you live in Zurich and are a PINKO fan like me then drop me a note on


…I may just have a surprise for you 😉


Animal print items to shop now:


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Let your inner animal out today – smile!

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  1. Love this outfit. Especially the red in the top. Goes so well with the print. Great trousers, shoes and bag too. And eh… even if you are tall, you still need high heels to make this look work. I know from experience.😊

  2. Hey Yvonne, such super trousers you are wearing in this blogpost. Extremely elegant and feminine (and utterly unpractical on a bike….I just enjoy looking at them here for that reason) and wearing them with high heels makes you look taller too. An absolute winning concept! Love, Lieske

  3. Dear Yvonne. After having read your post earlier today I went shopping with my daughter (for my daughter, at least, that was the intention) and ended up buying an animal print dress for myself…So, yeah, you are a real influencer dear! Love, Lieske

  4. Leopard is definitely a wardrobe staple or the new neutral , love how you’ve styled this top with those gorgeous pants and bag , can’t wait to see leopard and plaid together . This whole look is really head turning fabulous ❤️

  5. Very cool and elegant look, the black trousers are edgy but ground the leopard print. I’ve featured animal prints in my post on 2018 autumn/fall trends.

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