How to Wear Shorts in the City

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With Summer lasting a lovely long time this year we see more people wearing their shorts into town. The one thing I previously would never have done and then realised it is actually all in how you style them.

A lovely pair of shorts can end up looking even better than a short skirt – provided they have been styled right!

Only a few simple tips to remember so that anyone can stylishly wear shorts into town.

Keep reading to find out how to wear shorts in the city!


How to Wear Shorts in the City

Tip no 1:

If you’re wearing shorts into town – leave the t-shirt at home! 

Combine your shorts with an interesting top other than a stretchy t-shirt and you have instantly given them a more dressed up look.

Tip no 2:

Skorts are brilliant in town!

Skorts are brilliant in town – the one way to get away with a short skirt without looking bad in town is to wear a pair of skorts.

A pair of skorts will always look dressy.

Tip no 3:

Focus on the accessories!

Note here the little black Gucci bracelet and then matching black sandals –  to give an overall styled appearance.

Or you could call it effortless chic by simply matching accessories and shoes to your shorts.

Tip no 4:

A statement bag will uplift any outfit!

This really is one of my favourite bags. Despite being very inexpensive it has an expensive look to it. The colour always draws attention. I have yet to take it into town without at least one person coming up to me and asking where I got it from – smile!

Tip no 5:

Choose fabric over denim!

This is a little controversial as these days you can find some lovely denim shorts that could also look nice in town.

The real point to be made is that fabric shorts will look more dressed up than denim. Provided they do not have an elastic waist.

If you prefer shorts with an elastic waist – go for those made out of a stiffer fabric so they hold their shape.

Outfit details:

Top – NA-KD (use discount code FUNKYFORTY20 )

Shorts – last year Zara

Shoes – Conor McCreedy

Bag – Save My bag


Outfit details:

Top – souvenir from Singapore (read about my trip here)

Shorts – Zambesi (bought about 10 years ago)

Sandals – Melissa


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Have fun wearing shorts into town!

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  1. Great post Yvonne !!! This being the first summer , in 10 yrs, that I’ve embraced shorts again . This is exactly how to do it with style and finesse . Especially , being a 50 something gal , worried about length etc 👏👏👏👏

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