The New Denim Jacket Trend

The New Denim Jacket Trend

Hi Everyone,

Denim jackets have been a trusty wardrobe staple ever since the beginning of time for me. That classic box like shape with strict structure and metallic buttons.

It seems difficult to imagine that a piece so iconic could ever possibly murph into something quite different. However as fashion sees an ever increasing  move towards sustainability, including sustainable denim and styles, we also see a change in the trend of the denim jacket.

Keep reading to find out more about “The New Denim Jacket Trend”.


The New Denim Jacket Trend

The New Denim Jacket Trend

This season the denim jacket is no longer a piece to be worn in weekends or less formal occasions. Today it is a piece to be worn to the office, out for date night even.

As Fall 2023 comes into full swing we see an ever increasing amount of denim jackets taking on more of a blazer form. In fact one of the trendiest looks you can wear this Fall would have to be a complete denim suit.


The New Denim Jacket Trend

Note however – not any denim is acceptable. When wearing denim in today’s world it is of foremost importance to ensure it has been produced in a sustainable manor. This leads me to introduce my favourite sustainable denim brand to you, The Blue Suit.

The Blue Suit was founded by 2 women, Karen Rauschenbach with a background in aerospace projects and Yvonne Vermeulen with a background in fashion. It is amazing what two women with such different backgrounds managed to achieve. Today they are ever so proud to be the first fashion brand in Switzerland offering a Cradle to Cradle Certified® Denim Collection. You can read more about what Cradle to Cradle Certified® means here.


The New Denim Jacket Trend

Apart from being sustainable I am super impressed with the quality and designs available at The Blue Suit. Each piece is timeless and made to the utmost perfection by carefully hand picked creators in Italy. All garments are made out of organic or recycled materials only. The wooden buttons are untreated and metal pins all nickel free.


The New Denim Jacket Trend

I have the matching vest to this denim jacket which I also love to wear.

I am wearing the Lisa Jacket Black – available online here (global shipping).

See here for other denim jackets currently on stock at The Blue Suit.



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  1. Hi dear Yvonne thank you very much for your Blog I love your Denim Outfit and it really looks very smart and elegant it really is a step forward and shows what you can with denim

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