One Vest, One Pair of Trousers, Five Ways to Wear!

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One vest, one pair of trousers, five ways to style began with my perpetual attempt to wear what I own in as many different ways as possible. Sustainability is a huge topic, especially within the textile market. This is just one small step I take to maintaining a sustainable wardrobe.

Researching into the labels you buy is another brilliant way of improving sustainability in your own wardrobe.  For a few months now I have been following the Swiss Fashion Label “The Blue Suit“. A  sustainable denim brand with an inspiring story.

The Blue Suit was founded by 2 women, Karen Rauschenbach with a background in aerospace projects and Yvonne Vermeulen with a background in fashion. It is amazing what two women with such different backgrounds managed to achieve. Today they are ever so proud to be the first fashion brand in Switzerland offering a Cradle to Cradle Certified® Denim Collection. You can read more about what Cradle to Cradle Certified® means here.

Apart from being sustainable I am super impressed with the quality and designs available at The Blue Suit. Each piece is timeless and made to the utmost perfection by carefully hand picked creators in Italy. All garments are made out of organic or recycled materials only. The wooden buttons are untreated and metal pins all nickel free.

Keep reading to see; “One Vest, One Pair of Trousers, Five Ways to Wear!”


One Vest, One Pair of Trousers, Five Ways to Wear!

  1. A simple T-shirt worn under the vest

An easy ensemble that also works for the office or casual.


2. The same look with vest worn inside out

I truly love the fact that each piece is made so beautifully that they also look lovely worn inside out.


3. Worn as is

I love wearing vests like this also over skirts – especially skirts with a lot of volume as it makes the whole outfit look more dressed up yet casual at the same time.


4. Worn as is but inside out

You might think these are very simple styling suggestions but how often do we eliminate something because it is simple. Yet often it is the simple things in life that can be the most effective.


5. Adding a matching denim blazer for a super polished/corporate look

Just look how beautiful also the inside of the blazer is…

As a side note – vests are currently a very hot item and really belong in every woman’s wardrobe for Summer 2023 – smile!


Outfit details:

Black denim vest – available here

Black denim blazer – available here

Trousers – available here

Shoes – similar here

Sunglasses – available here


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  1. Hi dear Yvonne thank you for your blog I love your west and it makes a very elegant outfit with trousers and blazer and even without blazer for those hot summer days very nice

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