How to Choose the Right Trench Coat For You

How to Choose the Right Trench Coat For You

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There is actually much more to a trench coat that meets the eye. You can of course simply go and buy the classic camel trench coat and think all is well. However there are little things to look out for when buying the right trench coat for you. Otherwise you may well realise over time that the one you bought actually makes your every outfit look wrong rather than better.

To keep things simple and safe this post identifies three top tips that will make sure you buy the right trench coat for you. One that will make your every transeasonal outfit look even better.

The trench coat that I am wearing in today’s post is one I designed online via – a great solution to make sure your coat really fits well and has the colour/style you are looking for.

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How to Choose the Right Trench Coat For You

3 Top tips that will make sure you get the trench coat that is right for you:

How to Choose the Right Trench Coat For You

  1. Do you already own a trench coat and what colour is it?

Sounds easy enough right. However the simple fact is that every wardrobe should contain at least one camel coloured trench coat. If you do not yet own a trench coat or you only own colourful trench coats then step one is to get a camel coloured trench coat.

Having said this be careful which camel tone you choose – not every tone looks good with every complexion. Hold it up against your face before buying and see how you feel/what the colour does to your face.

See a good camel tone for people with darker hair/olive skin tones here.

The perfect camel tone for those of you with blond hair/lighter skin tones here.

If you do already have a camel trench it is time to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe. Blue is a very hot colour this coming Fall for trench coats. Both pale and dark tones of blue.



How to Choose the Right Trench Coat For You

2. Choosing the right length

Some easy tricks here – firstly think of what you normally wear in Fall or Spring.

If trousers come to mind then knee length or even shorter trench coats will work perfectly for you. If you have a fuller shape sticking to at least knee length will be more flattering. Very petite women can make a lovely statement by wearing shorter trench coats with their trousers.

Should you be team skirt or dresses in Fall or Spring, the best rule of thumb is to choose a trench coat that is at least as long as, if not longer than, the length of your skirts/dresses.


How to Choose the Right Trench Coat For You

3. Add your personal note

We are so fortunate today, there are so many trench coat styles that are considered fashionable that you can almost not get it wrong. However the most important style for everyone is the one that makes them smile and feel good about themselves. This is the one piece that is often difficult or impossible to find in a shop.

So, think of the colours you intend to wear most this season. What would be a great outerwear colour to team with these? Then use this information along with steps 1. and 2. above to design your very own trench. I designed the pale blue one in todays post as a pastel coloured trench was missing from my wardrobe. Am super happy with the fit and love the personalised lining I chose.

You too can design your own trench coat at a good price, great quality and super fabric selection here.


How to Choose the Right Trench Coat For You

This is a sponsored article but I am honestly super impressed with Sumissura and can only recommend it as a great way of buying the perfect trench coat for you at a very affordable price.


How to Choose the Right Trench Coat For You



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