The Day I Got Rid of Wrinkles in One Sitting

The Day I Got Rid of Wrinkles in One Sitting. Facialiste

Hi Everyone,

Truth be told I am really not big into going to beauticians as such and really do run away from the mention of any invasive treatment to correct the ageing process. However when Mylène from Faciem Facialiste contacted me and invited me for a session in her studio I decided to give it a try. There was something about the way she explained to me what her process was.

The first thing Mylène explained to me was that she was a Facialist, not a Beautician. She  graduated in Singapore and Paris. As well as having a body therapist certificate from Belgium. She also previously worked as a Facialist for Dior in their main Paris store. She then explained to me the difference between a Beautician and a Facialist:

  • A Beautician tends to focus more on cosmetics to enhance a persons appearance and give them more confidence.
  • A Facialist is a trained aesthetician or beauty therapist skin expert. They give each person a bespoke treatment according to their skin. Working in a deeper way to regenerate facial muscles and slow down the ageing process.

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The Day I Got Rid of Wrinkles in One Sitting

The Day I Got Rid of Wrinkles in One Sitting

My visit to Faciem Facialiste started off by a one on one analysis of my face. The good news is that everyone has strengths and weaknesses in their face. Yay! I strongly recommend getting your strengths pointed out to you first so you have the strength to cope with the weaknesses – smile!

Then I learnt about the muscles in our face and the fact that whilst many people focus on fitness for the body, they forget or don’t even think about fitness for the face. Confession – this is me totally!

The Day I Got Rid of Wrinkles in One Sitting

Soon it was turn for me to undress except for a special toweling robe and then climb into the wonderful heated bed. Heaven…

Then my face was carefully cleansed and oiled and then the massage treatment began.

I learnt tips and tricks I now do at home to help reverse some of my lighter wrinkles and slow down the deepening process of others. Did you know that special purposeful massages of the face done on a daily basis are the most powerful anti-ageing tool you can have. Better than any cream and longer lasting than invasive correction treatment such as botox of fillers.

The Day I Got Rid of Wrinkles in One Sitting

After one hour my face felt totally refreshed and I did see a difference  – of course not all wrinkles were gone but I did notice a difference. I also came away wit great tips and tricks going forward.

I can totally recommend trying a session with Mylène too:


Faciem Facialiste

Im Weidegrund 10,
8600 Dübendorf
Phone: +41 76 411 76 06



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