Ninette & Rob Share the Secrets of Australian Sparkling Red Wine

Ninette & Rob Share the Secrets of Australian Sparkling Red Wine

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Have you heard of sparkling red wine before? On my recent trip to Ischia it was the only red wine the locals would allow me to have with pizza. There it was sparkling red made with grapes audoctone to Ischia itself. I liked it a lot but my heart still sways to the beautiful Australian sparkling red wines Ninette and Rob introduced me to in Summer.

Now let me introduce Ninette and Rob. Rob is from Australia and Ninette has a German/Ecuadorian background, they met in Germany, fell in love and the wedding is happening in 2024! Both have a legal background but a new found passion has them moving into a totally different field – that of importing Australian red sparkling wine into Switzerland.

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How the passion for Australian sparkling red wine began:

It all began when Ninette made her first-ever visit to South Australia in September of last year to meet Rob’s family. His father, a self-proclaimed “sommelier,” offered some local red wine to try. Since Ninette had never been a fan of red wine and always preferred bubbles, his father brought out a bottle of renowned Sparkling Shiraz for her to sample. She fell in love with it straight away.  As someone who has always had a soft spot for this particular wine, Rob was thrilled.

The chilled and effervescent finish, along with the complex blend of dark berries, violets, pepper, and oak flavors, made a lasting impression on her. They were eager to enjoy more back in Switzerland. However, as they couldn’t find any businesses in Switzerland specialising in this unique varietal, they thought, “Why not do it ourselves?” And so, their journey began importing and distributing these exceptional wines to the Swiss market! Scutella Wines was founded!


Keep reading to find out more about “Ninette & Rob Share the Secrets of Australian Sparkling Red Wine”


Ninette & Rob Share the Secrets of Australian Sparkling Red Wine

Scutella Wines

What is Sparkling Red Wine?

Sparkling red wine is a hidden treasure within Australia’s flourishing winemaking tradition, that harmonizes the richness of red wine with a delightful effervescence. This exquisite blend seamlessly merges tradition and festivity, beckoning adventurous souls to savor the delightful surprises emerging from Down Under.

How is Sparkling Red Wine made?

Sparkling red wine begins with the standard red winemaking process, where red grapes are crushed and fermented, resulting in a still red wine. To achieve effervescence, the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation using the traditional “Champagne” method.

The still wine is bottled with ‘liqueur de tirage’ (a mix of sugar and yeast), sealed, and left to ferment, trapping carbon dioxide and creating bubbles. Aging on lees enhances flavor complexity. After disgorging, a ‘dosage’ of wine a small amount of sugar may be added for balance. Finally the wine is sealed with cork and wire cage. The result is a uniquely bubbly sparkling red wine.

Scutella Wines
Which grapes are used for Sparkling Red Wine?

In Australia, Sparkling Red Wine is most commonly made from bold, flavourful grapes such as Shiraz and Merlot.

Shiraz offers rich, spicy notes and a deep colour, making it a popular choice for those seeking a robust and lively sparkling experience. Merlot adds a softer, more rounded profile, perfect for a smoother and subtly complex sparkling delight.


What wine regions are renowned for Sparkling Red Wines?

There are 4 main wines regions in Australia renowned for Sparkling Red Wines.

The Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale which are known for their rich, full-bodied Shiraz grapes. These grapes translate into deeply flavourful and robust Sparkling Reds.

Coonawarra and Wrattonbully wine regions are also known for their Sparkling Red Wines. Their cooler climates produce Sparkling Reds with refined elegance and subtle complexities.


What are good food pairings for Sparkling Red Wines?

Sparkling red wines, pair wonderfully with hearty dishes like roasted meats and barbecues, enhancing the savoury notes. They also beautifully complement aged cheeses and dark chocolate desserts.


What makes Sparkling Red Wines special at Christmas?

Sparkling red wines bring a festive twist to Christmas celebrations.

Their versatility with traditional Christmas fare, makes them a delightful and unexpected star at any holiday table. In fact sparkling red wines have already become a Christmas staple in Australia.

We especially recommend with Christmas roasts or alternatively to drink as the final ending with your warm Christmas pudding.


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