2 Ways to Style a Wrap Blouse

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There’s a certain elegance which comes with a beautifully made wrap blouse, that can simply not be replicated by any other top or blouse. So much so that once you own one and really start wearing it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without.

A wrap blouse can turn even the simplest of skirts into a statement outfit. They can also be worn well with both jeans and dressy pants – always uplifting the look. Recently I finally realised a beautiful wrap blouse also works for bottoms that do not come up to your waist.

Note however, not every wrap blouse is going to have the same effect. You really need to make sure of the following three points:

  • Good fabric – preferably one with a slight stretch element to it,
  • A fit that works for your body shape,
  • Thick and long material bow fabric to maximise the bow effect.

My absolute favourite wrap blouses come from ANNEX Zurich – a lovely store in the heart of Zurich where you can literally find a wrap blouse in almost every colour imaginable.

Keep reading to find out “2 Ways to Style a Wrap Blouse”.


2 Ways to Style a Wrap Blouse

  1. Tucked in to create an overall dress type look

This works super with fuller skirts with a waist band that nicely sits on your waist.

Be sure to cross the bow ribbon in the front first, then around the back and finally make a statement bow.

Make the wrap of the bow sit as wide as possible for maximum effect.

Don’t be afraid to tighten as much as possible. Over time it will give way a little so you don’t want the cinched-in waist effect to go too quickly.


2. The trick for lower waisted bottoms

When I first put on this skirt and realised that it actually sits on the hips I thought there would be no way I could wear it with a wrap blouse. Then I simply tried it with the blouse left untucked and voila it really works!

Using the wrap blouse I managed to create an outfit that really shows off the waist.

Here it is important to make sure the proportions of the blouse are ok. If the blouse were longer it would no longer look so nice over this skirt. In that case it would be better worn over trousers or jeans.



A wrap blouse is a great thing for every wardrobe. They don’t always need to be worn with high waisted bottoms. Wrap blouses look great with both skirts and trousers and really are a fabulous piece to have in your wardrobe for creating festive season outfits.


Both skirts and the wrap blouse in todays article come from :

ANNEX Zurich

Augustinergasse 52, 8001 Zürich

+41 44 221 09 79



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