The Best Winter Layering Tips Ever!

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Layering in Spring or Autumn is easy – three layers and you will be fine. However layering in really cold minus temperatures is a totally different kettle of fish (to quote an old English saying). Especially if you’re a little like me and get sick of hiding behind a fully buttoned up coat all Winter long.

This post tells you the tricks I’ve learnt through the years of how to stay stylish and layer for optimum warmth at the same time.

Keep reading to find out the best Winter layering tips ever, (according to me – smile).


The Best Winter Layering Tips Ever!

Seriously not into acting “appropriate” for my age ever, or dressing age appropriate…whatever that may be. However dressing to stay warm is a must! Not an easy feat as temperatures go into the minuses. These few simply tricks will keep you feeling warm as toast and stylish in one all Winter long! Hence they really are the best Winter layering tips ever – smile!


  1. It all starts with a thin figure hugging layer.

It all starts with wearing a thin figure hugging layer under any outfit. I honestly live in Intimissimi modal and cashmere, (not an add) tops all Winter long – see here

This is a good tip for whatever the next layer will be – even a thin shirt will feel warm if you wear that thin layer underneath.

Honestly though, in minus temperatures the  next layer for me will be a sweater. Either slim fit or chinky depending on the whole look. Preferably a high necked sweater for extra neck warmth.

2. Double check on the wind factor

Often half of feeling cold in Winter is due to the wind getting right through whatever you are wearing. Instead of layering sweaters stick to wearing a more wind resistant layer. I love thick blazers in Winter. Either tailored or double breasted, the main thing is to make sure your blazer is lined and therefor a little wind resistant.

Wearing a blazer under your coat will often also mean you can keep your coat open and not perpetually look like a wrapped up “Egyptian Mummy”.

3. It’s in the length when it comes to coats

It really is in the length when it comes to coats. In really cold weather a cropped coat is simply not going to do the trick no matter how warm – with the exception if you’re wearing ski pants underneath – smile!

Thicker lined coats always being the best against the cold so do choose your Winter coats carefully. My personal collection is made up strategically of various thicknesses to make sure I have a suitable coat for each level of coldness, (cold, very cold and unbearably cold).

4. Thick soled shoes

When it comes to footwear a thick sole will save your feet from feeling the cold in Winter. Plus wearing shoes that are not too small – always make sure your Winter boots are ever so slightly longer than other shoes might be just in case you need thicker socks.


Todays outfit details:

Coat – Aqvarossa, alpaca wool (available here)

Blazer – MaxMara, (similar here)

Skirt – MaxMara, (on sale here)

Sweater – Caroll (available here)

Boots – (similar here)

BagOrlando Maroquinier

Glasses – Prada, (similar here)


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