Styling Cashmere and Pleats

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Pleated skirts have been a trend/wardrobe staple for several seasons now and this Winter is no exception. However with temperatures dropping below 10° it’s time to replace the trusty tee or crisp white shirt with something warmer.

One of my personal favourite looks has got to be the simple cashmere and pleated skirt combination. A dear instagram friend recently quoted “keep your friends close but your cashmere closer”. There is so much fun to be had especially if you play with cashmere and colours.

I have fallen in love with this seasons Repeat Cashmere collection – especially the lemon yellow worn in this post. Plus there’s an added bonus for you of a 15% discount which can be used online at until end November 2018 with the code “REPEAT710”

Keep reading to find out more about styling cashmere and pleats.

Styling Cashmere and Pleats

Here you have the style trick – team yellow with yellow. Or translated simply team your favourite coloured cashmere with a similar coloured coat for maximum effect.

Note it really is OK for the coat to be shorter than the skirt.

Choose your colour of pleated skirt carefully too. Initially I had great plans of wearing a plum coloured pleated skirt with this yellow sweater. Looked great in my mind but in reality the colour was far too hard to team together with this gentle yellow.

The military green and yellow complement each other nicely.

I have super sensitive skin and so am super fussy about woollen textures worn directly on the skin but find Repeat Cashmere to be so soft I just want to melt into it.

Just for fun I’ll let you guess how many photos it took to make the skirt lift on the click of the fingers – smile!

I can honestly say that since receiving this yellow cashmere sweater and a slightly different style in black   you’ll be hard pressed to find me wearing something not combined with one of my pieces of cashmere!

This post is sponsored by Repeat Cashmere but all opinions are my own.

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Keep your friends close but your cashmere closer!


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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. I just wanted to thank you for another wonderful post. I have to tell you how much I enjoy your site. It makes my day to see another sumptuous, beautiful set of photos and read what you are excited about today. I love your outfits, your food, you’re little getaways! I would like to request a few photos of the views across Lake Zurich for those of us who are not lucky enough to live in the most beautiful city in the world! Now I have to do a bit of cashmere shopping.

    1. Thanks Maria, so kind of you. I’m also really pleased with the jumper – seem to be having a thing for yellow of late.
      My Mum just bought me a yellow dress for Christmas too – can’t wait to wear it.


  2. This gorgeous sweater with this skirt really is stunning ! So very elegant Yvonne . Your skirt flip is fantastic !! Love the quote 😉

    1. Thank you for the lovely message and your quote Susan. I only credited you by saying quote from an instagram friend… perhaps I should mention your name as it really is such a cute quote:-)
      xxx Yvonne

  3. I love this! I’ve never seen pleated skirts styled nice enough to make me want one but this does it. And cashmere is, of course, just beautiful. I stroke myself all day when I’m wearing it!!

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